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Page Title: Assignment 10, Continued
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10-31. Which of the following rules for figuring  an  amplitude  is  expressed correctly? 1. Rising sun with north declination,    subtract  the amplitude  from  270° 2. Rising sun with south declination, add amplitude to 270° 3. Rising sun with north declination,  subtract  the amplitude  from  090° 4. Rising sun with south declination,  subtract  the amplitude  from  090° 10-32. What is the correct formula for figuring  amplitude,  if  your  ship is  in  north  latitude  with  sough declination  and  the  sun  is setting? 1. 270°  -  amplitude 2. 270°  +  amplitude 3. 090°  -  amplitude 4. 090°  +  amplitude 10-33. The azimuth is found when the amplitude is applied to the gyro bearing. 1. True 2. False 10-34. What is the most accurate method of  obtaining  a  celestial  fix? 1. Take sightings on a few items in a short period of time 2. Take  sightings  on  many  items in a short period of time 3. Take sightings on a few items over  30  minutes 4. Take  sightings  on  many  items in 15 minutes 10-35. What type of fix is obtained by one LOP of a star? 1. AP 2. EP 3. DR 4. FP 10-36. When you plot celestial LOPS, to what  does  HoMoTo  refer? 1. Measure  the  altitude  intercept from AP toward the star 2. Measure  the  altitude  intercept from AP away from the star 3. Measure the altitude intercept from EP toward the star 4. Measure the altitude intercept from EP away from the star 10-37. The function of a sextant is to measure the altitude of heavenly bodies above what point? 1. Celestial   equator 2. Celestial   horizon 3. Visual horizon 4. Visible horizon 10-38. When you use a sextant and swing the  arc,  your  hand  grasping  the sextant  should  make  what  motion? 1. A large upward arc 2. A medium upward arc 3. A small downward arc 4. A  small  upward  arc IN ANSWERING QUESTIONS 10-39 THROUGH 10-42,  SELECT  THE  DEFINITION  FROM  COLUMN  B THAT MATCHES THE SEXTANT CORRECTION IN COLUMN A. RESPONSES ARE USED ONLY ONCE. A. SEXTANT B. DEFINITION CORRECTION 10-39.  Refraction 1. Caused by the 10-40. Dip of the proximity  of bodies  of  the horizon solar  system to the Earth 10-41.  Parallax 2.  Deviation  of 10-42.  Semidiameter rays of light from a straight line  caused  by Earth's atmosphere 3.  Difference between  the visible and celestial horizons 4.  Results  from the nearness of bodies  of  the solar  system 10-43. The  dip  correction  of  a  sextant should  always  be  applied  in  which of  the  following  methods? 1. Added 2. Subtracted 3. Multiplied 4. Divided 63

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