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Page Title: Assignment 12, Continued
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IN ANSWERING QUESTIONS 12-13 THROUGH 12-16, SELECT THE DESCRIPTION FROM COLUMN B THAT MATCHES THE WIND DATA IN COLUMN A. A. WIND DATA B. DESCRIPTION 12-13. True 1.  Observed  &  computed in  nautical  miles 12-14. Relative to the nearest whole  knot 12-15. Apparent 2.  Direction  the 12-16. Speed wind  is  blowing 3. AW = RW + SH 4.  Wind  measured  from the  ship's  heading 12-17. 12-18. 12-19. 12-20. Which of the following is NOT a method for gathering wind data? 1. Visual estimation 2. Wave  timing 3. Installed   anemometer 4. Hand-held anemometer Where is the anemometer usually located? 1. On  the  masthead 2. On the yardarm 3. Above the bridge 4. Above  the  pilot  house What type of wind is measured by the  anemometer? 1. Relative 2. True 3. Apparent 4. Actual When a ship has two anemometers, which should be used to measure wind  direction? 1. The one on the leeward side 2. The one on the windward side 3. The  anemometer  that  reads higher 4. Both, by taking the average of the two 12-21. What is the maximum wind speed a synchro  repeater  will  indicate? 1. 75 kn 2. 100 kn 3. 150 kn 4. 175 kn 12-22. 12-23. 12-24. What is the maximum wind speed a hand-held  anemometer  can  indicate? 1. 50 kn 2. 60 kn 3. 75 kn 4. 100 kn The  hand-held  anemometer  is  as equally accurate as the installed anemometer. 1. True 2. False What data should you consider to arrive at an estimated true wind speed? 1. The limited fetch area 2. Swell  waves  from  constant directions 3. Waves running into shallow water 4. Offshore  winds  within  sight  of land 12-25. Which  of  the  following  factors will cause the speed estimation of wind to be too high? 1. Waves running into shallow water 2. Obscure  flags 3. Smoke  and  rigging 4. All of the above IN  ANSWERING  QUESTIONS  12-26  THROUGH 12-32,  SELECT  THE  BREEZE  FROM  COLUMN  B THAT MATCHES THE CHARACTERISTICS IN COLUMN A. RESPONSES MAY BE USED MORE THAN ONCE. 12-26. Small  waves 12-27. 11-16 knots 12-28. 4-6 knots 12-29. Moderate  waves 12-30. Large  wavelets 12-31. Short  wavelets 12-32. 17-21 knots A.  CHARACTERISTICS B.  BREEZE 1. Gentle 2.  Moderate 3. Fresh 4. Light 80

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