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Page Title: Assignment 5, Continued
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5-14. Your ship is on course 000°T. Another ship on your starboard bow has had a bearing of 045°T for the past 5 minutes. What should this steady bearing tell you about the other  ship? 1.    The other ship is on a reciprocal course to your ship 2.    The other ship is on the same course  as  your  ship 3.   The other ship may be on a collision course with your ship 4.    The other ship will pass well clear of your ship IN ANSWERING QUESTIONS 5-15 THROUGH 5-17, REFER TO FIGURE 5-A. FIGURE 5-A PERTAINS TO  MEETING,  CROSSING,  AND  OVERTAKING SITUATIONS. Figure  5-A 5-15. What maneuver, if any, must ships A and Z make? 1. Ship A turns to  starboard,  and ship Z turns to port 2.    Both ships turn to port 3.    Both ships turn to starboard 4.    No maneuver is necessary 5-16. What maneuver, if any, must ships C and/or Z make? 1.    Ship  C  turns  to  starboard,  and ship Z turns to port 2.    Ship  Z  turns  to  starboard 3.    Ship C turns to port 4. No maneuver is necessary 5-17. What maneuver, if any, must ships G and/or Z make? 1.    Ship G turns to port 2.    Ship Z turns to port 3.    Ship Z turns to  starboard 4.    No maneuver is necessary 5-18. A power-driven vessel is defined as any  vessel  propelled  by  machinery. 5-19. 1.   True 2.    False A vessel that is fishing with trolling lines is considered a vessel  engaged  in  fishing. 5-20. 1.    True 2.    False Under which of the following circumstances is a vessel not under command? 5-21. 1.    The captain is not on board 2.    The ship is unable to keep clear  of  other  vessels 3.    The ship is tied to a pier 4.    The ship is at anchor Of the following terms, which one defines a vessel not at anchor and steaming  under  its  own  power? 5-22, 1.   Under  way 2.    Not under command 3.    Under way with no way on 4.    Restricted  ability  to  maneuver Vessels are in sight of one another only when which of the following situations  occur? 1.    One can see the other 2.   One can hear the other 3.    One has radar contact with the other 4.    One  has  radio  contact  with  the other 5-23 The Great Lakes are considered international  waters. 5-24 1.    True 2.   False Of  the  following  terms,  which  one defines  the  lines  that  delineate those  waters  upon  which  mariners must  comply  with  the  72  COLREGS? 1.    Demarcation  lines 2.    Navigation  lines 3.    Territorial  waters 4.    COLREGs  waters 26

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