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Page Title: Assignment 6, Continued
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6-23. 6-24. 6-25. 07h17m14s 6-26. 6-27. 6-28. 6-29. When you convert GMT to ZT, which of the following relations holds true in time zones east of Greenwich? 1. The ZD is plus and is added to GMT to get ZT 2. The ZD is minus and is subtracted from GMT to get ZT 3. The ZD is plus and is subtracted from GMT to get ZT 4. The ZD is minus and is added to GMT to get ZT What is the numerical value of ZT if GMT is 5h15m25s at 117°30'45"E longitude? 1. 21h15m25s 2. 22h15m25s 3. 12h15m25s 4. 13h15m25s What is the numerical value of ZT if GMT is 23h17m14s at 127°31'00"W longitude? 1. 14h17m14s 2. 15h17m14s 3. 4. 08h17m14s When traveling towards the west and you enter a new time zone, the clocks must be retarded 1 hour. 1. True 2. False When, if ever, should you advance the  ship's  chronometers? 1. When traveling west into a new time  zone 2. When traveling east into a new time  zone 3. When the commanding officer tells  you 4. Never Which reference line, if any, is the  180th  meridian? 1. International  Date  line 2. Greenwich Meridian 3. Equator When you cross the International Dateline, which of the following rules is correct for adjusting time? 1. Traveling east retard 1 day 2. Traveling west retard 1 day 3. Traveling  east  retard  12  hours 4. Traveling  west  retard  12  hours IN ANSWERING QUESTIONS 6-30 AND 6-31. SELECT FROM COLUMN B THE DEFINITION THAT MATCHES  THE  CHRONOMETER  DIFFERENCE  IN COLUMN A. NOT ALL RESPONSES ARE USED. A.  CHRONOMETER B. DEFINITION DIFFERENCE 6-30. Chronometer 1.  The  difference error between  the chronometer 6-31. Chronometer time and local rate time 2.  The  difference between GMT and chronometer  time 3. The difference a chronometer loses or gains in a specific time  period 6-32. 6-33. 6-34. 6-35. Which publication number gives a listing  of  time  ticks? 1.  No. 102 2.  No. 110 3.  No. 116 4.   No. 117 What time scale contributes to the UTC and GMT differing by up to .7 seconds? 1. Geographic 2. Gnomonic 3. Atomic 4. Atmospheric Which of the following formulas should  be  used  to  compute  correct time? 1. GMT = UTC - DUT 2.    GMT = UTC + DUT 3. UTC = GMT - DUT 4. UTC = GMT + DUT Which  of  the  following  call  letters is NOT a radio station? 1.    WWV 2.   WWVH 3.    DUT 4.    CHU 33

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