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Page Title: Assignment 6, Continued
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6-49. 6-50. 6-51. 6-52. 6-53. 6-54. 6-55. For  purposes  of  celestial navigation, the Earth is considered to be which of the following shapes? 1. Prolate   spheroid 2. Cylinder 3. Sphere 4. Paraboloid What is another name for the celestial  equator? 1. The equinoctial equator 2. The vernal equinox 3. The celestial meridian 4. The Tropic of Cancer What is the name of a horizontal line  in  the  system  of  coordinates used in locating objects on the celestial  sphere? 1. Greenwich hour angle 2. Declination 3. Longitude 4. Latitude 6-56. What is the celestial reference point  used  to  calculate  sidereal hour  angle? 1. Sun 2. Autumnal equinox 3. Moon 4. First  point  of  Aries IN ANSWERING QUESTIONS 6-57 THROUGH 6-60, SELECT THE DESCRIPTION FROM COLUMN B THAT MATCHES THE TERM IN COLUMN A. RESPONSES ARE USED ONLY ONCE. 6-57. 6-58. 6-59. 6-60. A.  TERM B. DESCRIPTION Celestial 1.    Measured  westward equator from  0°  through 360° from the First  point observer's of Aries meridian Hour 2.  The point of Circle Local  Hour Angle (LHA) reference  for measuring declination 3.  The  reference point  for measuring  angles for stars and planets 4.   Great  circles  that encircle  the celestial  sphere in the same manner as  meridians How many degrees per hour does the hour circle of a body move? 1. 10 2. 50 3. 150 4. 240 As  a  celestial  body  moves  westward, what will happen to the value of its GHA? 1. Remain  approximately  constant 2. Increase to 360° 3. Decrease to  0° 4.    Increase to 180° and then decrease What is the name of a vertical line in  the  system  of  coordinates  used in  locating  objects  on  the celestial  sphere? 1. Hour  circles 2. Latitude 3. Parallel 4. Longitude In what direction(s) from Greenwich, is the GHA of a body measured? 1.    West only 2. East  only 3. East or West 4. North 6-61. Which of the following facts is NOT true  of  the  celestial  coordinate system? 1. Celestial bodies are in constant  motion 2. The GHA of Aries will align Aries with the Greenwich Meridian 3. The LHA associates all hour circles of any celestial body with the Greenwich Meridian on Earth 4.    Aries is the starting point for all  celestial  observations 6-62. What is the period of time between data that is presented in the Nautical  Almanac? 1. Every  day 2. Every  other  day 3. Every  third  day 4. Every  fifth  day 35

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