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Page Title: Assignment 8, Continued
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8-53. Which of the following persons is NOT a member of the navigation team? 8-61. How  many  degrees  are  considered  an optimum spread when you use three lines of position to obtain a fix? 1.    CIC  plotter 2.    CIC  phone  taker 3. Plotter 4.    Fathometer   operator 8-62. IN ANSWERING QUESTIONS 8-54 THROUGH 8-57, SELECT THE RESPONSIBILITY FROM COLUMN B THAT MATCHES THE NAVIGATION TEAM POSITION IN COLUMN A. RESPONSES ARE USED ONLY ONCE. 1. 60° 2. 90° 3. 120° 4. 150° When you shoot visual bearings, how much  time  should  be  given  between the stand-by and the mark? 1. 5 set 2. 3. 10 set 15 set A. POSITION B. RESPONSIBILITY 8-54.  Assistant 1.  Calculates  set Navigator and drift 8-55.  Plotter 2.   Supervises navigation  team 8-56.  Bearing  taker 3.  Relays  bearing 8-57.   Bearing to  plotter recorder 4. Takes  LOP's  of objects 8-63. 4.    30 set To  more  accurately  reflect  the ship's position at the time of a mark,  what  bearings  should  be observed  first? 8-64. 1.    Bow 2.    Stern 3.    Beam 4.    Quarter Which  of  the  following  statements best  describes  a  relative  bearing? 1.    A bearing relative to true north 8-58. Which  of  the  following  definitions 2. best  describes  a  LOP? A  bearing  relative  to  magnetic north 1. 2. 3. 4. A line established to fix the ship's  position A line only used in piloting to fix  the  ship's  position Any straight line used in establishing  the  ship's position Any line established by observations  or  measurements used to fix the ship's location 8-59. As a minimum, how many lines of position must you have to obtain an accurate  fix  in  piloting? 1. One 2. Two 3.    Three only 4.    Three  or  more 8-60. When piloting, you must always strive to obtain how many LOPS for an  accurate  fix? 1.    Two only 2.    Two or more 3.    Three only 4.    Three  or  more 8-65. 8-66. 8-67. 3.   A  bearing  relative  to  the ship's  heading 4.   A  bearing  relative  to  the  gyro compass Your ship's head is 217°T, variation is 5°W, and you observe an object 25° off the starboard bow. What is the relative bearing? 1. 025° 2. 192° 3. 242° 4. 247° Your ship is on course 022°T, and a bearing taker shoots a light 15° relative. What is the true bearing of the light? 1. 007° 2. 015° 3. 022° 4. 037° When  should  you  use  relative bearings? 1.    When  transiting  a  mine  field 2.   When  using  the  degaussing  coils 3.    When you have a gyro compass casualty 4.    Always 53

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