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Page Title: Assignment 9, Continued
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9-39. 9-40. 9-41. 9-42. 9-43. 9-44. A total of how many major components  make  up  the  SATNAV? 1. Five 2. Six 3. Three 4. Four A total of how many operational satellites are in use for the Navstar GPS navigation system? 1. 18 2. 20 3. 21 4. 24 How many total satellites make up the  Navstar  GPS  navigation  system? 1. 18 2. 21 3. 24 4. 27 When using the Navstar GPS a minimum of how many satellites are in-view of any user? 1. Five 2. Two 3. Three 4. Four What is the accuracy of the AN/WRN-6(V) in the encrypted mode? 1. 100  meters 2. 100 yards 3. 16 meters 4. 16 yards A typical surface radar is made up of  how  many  components? 1. Nine 2. Seven 3. Three 4. Five 9-45. Which of the following is a basic principle  of  radar  operation? 1. The  antenna  receives  pulses transmitted  by  shore  stations 2.    Radio waves are reflected from solid  objects 3. Transmitting  high  power  will burn  through  interference 4.    The antenna will pick up any change in the magnetic field of an  object 9-46. 9-47. 9-48. 9-49. 9-50. 9-51. 9-52. 58 When obtained by radar, which of the  following  navigational  fixes is most accurate? 1. Range and bearing to a single object 2. Two  ranges  on  two  different objects 3.    Two bearings to a single object 4. Two ranges to a single small object What component of a radar system provides  a  bird's-eye  view  of  the area  covered? 1. Modulator 2. Receiver 3.    Transmitter 4. PPI On a radar scope, what indicates the sweep? 1.    A bright line 2.    A bright spot 3.    A green line sweeping through 360° 4. A  variable  bright  ring In what increments is range measured on a radar scope? 1. Feet 2. Yards  only 3. Miles  only 4. Yards or miles On a radar scope, what indicates the  bearing  cursor? 1. A bright line 2. A bright spot 3. A  green  line  sweeping  through 360° 4. A  variable  bright  ring If your ship has a gyro failure, what  type  of  bearings  would  you read from the PPI? 1. Apparent 2. Magnetic 3. Relative 4. True Range is determined on a radar scope by placing the strobe on what position  of  the  target? 1.    Middle 2. Leading  edge 3. Trailing  edge 4. Right side

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