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Page Title: Assignment 1, Continued
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1-18. A ship is sighted by the forward lookout bearing 340° on the horizon. What is the correct way to report the contact to CIC? 1. CIC–Forward   lookout–Surface contact bearing tree forty on the  horizon 2. This  is  Forward  lookout–CIC–I have a surface contact bearing tree  fo-wer   zero on the horizon 3. CIC-Forward   lookout-Surface contact bearing tree fo–wer zero on the horizon 4. CIC-Forward   lookout–Surface contact bearing tree hundred and forty on the horizon 4. 1-19. Always use direct questions instead of statements when communicating on the sound–powered telephone. 1. True 2. False 1-20. A circuit test is NOT concluded until which of the following factors are completed? 1. All stations have reported 2. All equipment faults have been corrected and all stations have reported 3. All stations have reported and all equipment problems have been identified 4. All equipment problems have been corrected 1-21. When you phonetically spell a difficult  word,   what prowords do you say before spelling the word? 1. I will spell 2. Standby for spelling 3. Spelling to follow 4. I spell 1-22. After relieving another phone talker at a station, what is the proper report to let everyone know you have rejoined the circuit? 1. Back on the line 2. Back on the circuit 3. Back on station 4. Back on the phones 1-23. Which  of  the  following  statements is the correct response if a message   is not clear to you? 1. Please  repeat 2. Repeat your last 3. Say again Say the message again 1–24. Which of the following actions do you  complete  first  after  receiving a message? 1. Identify  yourself 2. Acknowledge  the  message 3. Ask the sender to repeat the message 4. Repeat the message 1-25. When you are   sending a message, which of the following actions should you do last? 1. State the message 2. Call up the   station you want to communicate  with 3. Identify your own station 4. Ask the receiving station to repeat the message 1-26. When  temporarily  leaving  the circuit,    you do not always have to get permission. 1. True 2. False 1-27. When you are secured from an evolution,    which of the following statements  describes  what  you should do with your phones? 1. Phones should be turned in to the IC shop for maintenance until needed again 2. Leave the phones plugged in at the  station,    ready for quick access 3. Properly make up your phones and give them to your DCPO so he or she can stow them 4. Phones should be correctly made up and stowed in their proper place 3

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