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Page Title: Meter Readings
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Meter Readings Whenever possible, try to have meters installed in  every  vending  machine  under  your  control. Meter   readings   will   help   you   to   monitor   the efficiency   of   each   of   your   machines.   You   can often  determine  whether  or  not  a  machine  is  func- tioning  properly  just  by  checking  the  meter readings. Make certain a meter reading is taken each time cash is collected from a machine. Main- tain  meter  readings  on  the  NAVSUP  469  in  the Number   of   Customers   column. If  coin  meters  are  not  available  for  your vending   machines,   you   should   balance   each machine immediately after cash is collected from the  machine.  To  balance  the  machine,  make  the following  entries  in  any  unused  column  of  the NAVSUP   469: 1.  Total  quantity  (in  units)  at  beginning  of period,  PLUS 2. Receipts (in units) into the machine daily, MINUS 3.  Quantity  (in  units)  in  the  machine  at  the time  the  cash  is  collected The resulting figure should represent the number of  units  sold  (or  otherwise  expended).  Multiply the  units  sold  by  the  selling  price  to  obtain  the total  cash  value.  This  figure  should  agree  with your  cash  collection  figure. Electronic Amusement Machines If you wish to operate electronic amusement machines as part of the ship’s store, you must con- tact NAVRESSO. The Navy Resale and Services Support  Office  has  been  designated  as  the  con- trol   point   for   the   procurement   of   electronic amusement machines. Amusement machines are procured  on  a  lease  basis  through  contracts negotiated   by   NAVRESSO.   Electronic   amuse- ment machines installed on U.S. Navy ships must be operated as part of the ship’s store. Of course, all  electronic  amusement  machines  you  procure through  NAVRESSO  must  be  compatible  with  the electrical and electronic systems of your ship. The procedures   you   must   follow   to   acquire   and operate  electronic  amusement  machines  on  your ship are discussed in greater detail in the NAV- SUP  P-487. Once  your  machines  are  in  place,  you  must establish  cash  control  and  security  procedures. You  must  use  keyless  padlocks  (or  key-type padlocks,   stock   number   5340-00-682-1508)   to secure   coin   boxes   inside   your   amusement machines.  You  must  also  have  installed  on  each coin  box  a  restraining  bar  that  locks  in  front  of the  coin  box  door. When  your  ship  is  at  sea,  cash  from  your amusement  machines  must  be  counted  and  col- lected  daily  and  before  any  repairs  to  the  coin mechanisms are made. When your ship is in port, cash   must   be   counted   and   collected   daily (Monday  through  Friday)  and  whenever  any repairs  to  the  coin  mechanism  will  be  made.  When your  ship  is  in  port  on  weekends  and  holidays, cash  should  be  counted  and  collected  if  the  volume of  electronic  amusement  machine  business  exceeds $150 or if prior repairs to the coin mechanism are going to be made. Cash must also be counted and collected  when  the  last  business  day  of  the accounting  period  falls  on  a  weekend  or  a  holi- day.  In  all  circumstances,  daily  collections  will satisfy  all  the  cash  collection  requirements  in  your NAVSUP  P-487  for  the  supervision  of  electronic amusement  machines. You  must  ensure  that  the  cash  collected  is recorded   properly   on   a   NAVSUP   470.   Each machine should be identified on a separate page of the NAVSUP 470. Make certain cash receipts for  a  certain  machine  are  recorded  on  the  page of  the  NAVSUP  470  that  is  used  for  that particular  machine.  The  person  who  is  responsible for operating the machines should retain custody of  the  NAVSUP  470. Meter  readings  will  also  help  you  to  determine your total cash receipts as well as how efficiently the  machine  is  functioning.  The  meter  reading should   be   taken   each   time   cash   is   collected. Record meter readings in the appropriate column on  the  NAVSUP  469.  If  you  have  a  difference in  money  value  of  $5  or  more  between  the  cash collected  and  the  meter  reading,  refer  the discrepancy  to  the  ship’s  store  officer. You  must  make  certain  the  total  amount  of your collections is deposited with the disbursing officer after each collection according to the pro- cedures  outlined  in  your  NAVSUP  P-487.  (If  for some  reason  cash  cannot  be  deposited  with  the disbursing  officer,  the  total  cash  collected  must be  retained  in  the  cash  collection  agent’s  safe.) Upon preparation of the Memorandum Cash Sale Invoice  for  Deposit  of  Cash  with  Disbursing Officer, the DD Form 1149 must include the total amount of collections from electronic amusement machines   as   a   contribution   to   Ship’s   Store Profits,  178723.  At  the  end  of  each  month,  a check  should  be  requested  from  the  disbursing officer  as  a  charge  to  178723.2301,  SSPN, transaction type 21, functional account 75400, in an amount equal to the contractor’s share of the 6-23

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