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Page Title: Ship's Store Afloat Catalog
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Bulletin. By using the Contract Bulletin,  you can place  orders  directly  with  a  vendor.  You  should use an Order for Supplies or Services/Request for Quotations  (DD  1155)  as  the  purchase  order. When  you  are  placing  oral  orders  for  ship’s store  stock,  the  DD  1155  must  be  prepared  and signed   before   you   release   the   purchase   order number to the vendor. For correct procedures on copy  distribution,  check  your  NAVSUP  P-487. Remember,  Fast  Pay  or  Certificate  of  Conform- ance procedures apply to orders placed under any contract  awarded  by  the  Navy  Resale  and  Services Support   Office. SHIP’S  STORE AFLOAT  CATALOG You   can   fill   most   requirements   for   non- necessity luxury items by using the  Ship’s  Store Afloat  Catalog  (SSAC),  This  catalog,  which  is issued by the Navy Resale and Services Support Office,  contains  descriptions  and  purchase  infor- mation for authorized items of ship’s store stock. The  Ship’s  Store  Afloat  Catalog  is  provided   for use  in  the  purchase  of  stocks  by  ships  that  are operating ship’s stores. You should use the Order for  Supplies  or  Services/Request  for  Quotations (DD 1155) as a purchase order, and you must not exceed  $10,000  per  purchase  order. When  you  are  processing  merchandise  through the SSAC, you should prepare the DD 1155 just as   though   you   were   procuring   merchandise through the  Ship’s Store Contract Bulletin. Your purchase  orders  must  be  issued  directly  to  the vendors  who  are  listed  in  the  SSAC.  When  you are placing oral orders, your DD 1155s should be prepared and signed before you release the pur- chase  order  numbers  to  the  vendor.  Remember, any  orders  that  exceed  the  specific  monetary  limit must include the Defense Acquisition Regulation Clause.  (Refer  to  your  NAVSUP  P-487  for  the correct  notations  and  for  the  current  monetary limit.) During   the   periods   your   ship   is   deployed overseas, you will use the parcel post systems for delivery  of  any  merchandise  you  order  through the  SSAC.  All  merchandise  will  be  subject  to parcel  post  size  and  weight  limitations.  (Check your  NAVSUP  P-485  for  the  correct  up-to-date specifications.) ASHORE  SUPPLY  ACTIVITIES As  part  of  the  Navy  supply  system,  ashore supply activities exist to provide supply support to  your  ship  as  well  as  to  other  components  of the   operating   forces.   You,   as   a   senior   Ship’s Serviceman,  will  most  likely  come  into  contact with an ashore supply activity when you are pro- curing  Navy  clothing,  standard  stock,  and  laundry supplies  for  your  ship’s  service  activities. Standard  Navy  Clothing Normally,  Navy  clothing  is  the  only  ship’s store  merchandise  you  will  procure  from  an ashore supply activity located in the United States. The number of requisitions that you will submit to the local naval supply center or depot for your ship’s store will depend primarily on the range and depth of Navy clothing items that you are required to stock. The quantity of Navy clothing to be car- ried on your ship is usually specified by fleet or type  commander  directives.  The  quantity  may  also depend  on  your  ship’s  schedule,  its  proximity  to ashore  clothing  outlets,  and  the  desires  of  the commanding  officer.  You  should  submit  requisi- tions  according  to  military  standard  requisition- ing and issues procedures (MILSTRIP). You can find  detailed  instructions  on  the  preparation  of a  DD  1348  in  your  NAVSUP  P-487  and  also  in the Ship’s Serviceman 3 & 2, module 2. Since this type of procurement is considered to be a transfer between supply officers, there is no payment pro- cedure  as  such. Unusual Sizes of Navy Clothing Unusual  sizes  of  Navy  clothing  items  are  those sizes that are not listed in the  Afloat   Shopping Guide  (ASG).  You  should  special  order  such clothing   or   footwear   from   the   nearest   supply activity. The appropriate documents for this type of  procurement  are  the  Armed  Forces  Measure- ment Blank (Special Sized Clothing for Men) (DD 358)  and  the  Special  Measurement  Blank  for Special   Measurement/Orthopedic   Boots   and Shoes  (DD  150).  Your  ship  will  receive  special ordered  clothing  directly  from  the  Defense  Per- sonnel Support Center or the Defense Orthopedic Footwear   Clinic. In addition to the primary sources, there are a number of methods and resources you can use to  procure  stock  for  your  ship’s  store.  A  few  of these methods and sources are discussed below. TRANSFERS You   can   procure   ship’s   store   merchandise either  by  purchase  from  a  commercial  source  or 4-16

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