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Page Title: Assignment Questions
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IN  ANSWERING  QUESTIONS  4-51  THROUGH 4-54, SELECT FROM COLUMN B THE EQUIPMENT  USED  FOR  THE  PURPOSE INDICATED IN COLUMN A. 4-51. 4-52. 4-53. 4-54. A.  PURPOSES B.  EQUIPMENT Used to pick  1. Pallet up and truck transport palletized 2. Forklift goods truck Used to 3. Conveyor carry smaller 4. Hand truck loads by balancing them on the wheels and axle of this equipment,   making it easier to push Used to pick up, carry,  and  stack unit loads of supplies  and equipment Used  for  moving supplies  in  a straight  line, either  manually or by power-driven belt 4-55. What factors must you consider when  loading  a  pallet? 1. Maximum  load  only 2. Maximum  load  and  stability only 3. Maximum  load  and  pallet size  only 4. Maximum  load,  stability, and  proper  pallet  size 4-56. What is the preferred loading method when you are loading a pallet  with  boxes  of  different sizes? 1. The  largest  and  sturdiest should go in the center 2. The largest and most fragile boxes should go in the  center 3. The  smallest  and  most fragile boxes should go in the  center 4. The  smallest  and  sturdiest boxes should go on the end 4-57. 4-58. 4-59. 4-60. What  action  should  you  take when you  are attempting  to manually lift an object that is heavy or bulky? 1. Raise it slowly with your knees straight, pulling the object close to your body so you can balance it 2. Ask for help or get a dolly or hand truck 3. Raise the load slowly and use your back to lift it, keeping it away from the center of your body 4. Squat  down-alongside  of  the load with one foot on the side and the other foot behind the load and lift it, keeping it close to your body What  part  of  your  body  should you use to lift an object? 1. Your back 2. Your arms 3. Your  shoulders 4. Your legs Which of the following is NOT a major  cause  of  accidents? 1. Equipment  failures 2. Carelessness 3. Inexperience 4. Attitude A  person  you  are  supervising has  demonstrated  an unreliability  in  the  past  that has resulted in accidents. What action should you take to prevent  accidents  during  the next   materials-handling operation? 1. Schedule  training  sessions on  safe  materials-handling procedures 2. Assign  the  person  to familiar  jobs  and  supervise closely 3. Assign the person to a job where  unreliability  will not constitute  a hazard 4. Warn the person that any further  unreliability  will result  in  disciplinary action 39

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