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Page Title: Assignment Questions
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5-40. 5-41. 5-42. 5-43. 5-44. Under  what  conditions  can ship’s  store  stock  be  issued  to the  Marine  Corps? 1. When  deployed  overseas 2. When requested by the individual  marine 3. When requested by the senior  enlisted  marine 4. When a written request from the  Marine  Corps detachment’s   commanding officer  is  received What document is used to issue ship’s store stock to the Marine  Corps? 1. DD Form 504 2. DD Form 1149 3. DD Form 1155 4. NAVSUP Form 28 ROM  users  will  enter  issues  to the Marine Corps in the miscellaneous   expenditure function as an issue in kind. 1. True 2. False When,  if  ever,  may  items required  for  the  health  and comfort  of  survivors  of aircraft  disasters  be  issued  or donated  by  personnel  of  the rescuing  ship  when  the survivors  are  without  personal funds? 1. After  approval  of  the medical  officer 2. After  approval  of  the supply  officer 3. After  written  orders  from the  commanding  officer 4. Never When it is impossible to collect cash at the time of making  issues  to  merchant  ships in distress, the items issued will be invoiced to what fund/activity? 1. The  ship’s  OPTAR  fund 2. The Navy Ships Parts and Control  Center  (SPCC) 3. The  individual  ship’s  store profits 4. The Navy Stock Fund 5-45. 5-46. 5-47. 5-48. 5-49. 5-50. ROM users will enter issues to merchant ships in the ROM miscellaneous   expenditure function as what type of expenditure? 1. Issues to ship’s use 2. Issues in kind 3. OSO  transfer 4. Issues to other appropriations Issues to the general mess are made at what price for canned sodas? 1. Retail  price 2. Cost price 3. 10% over cost price 4. Standard  price What  document  is  used  to  issue authorized  items  to  the  general mess? 1. DD Form 200 2. DD Form 504 3. DD Form 1149 4. DD Form 1155 In  combined  responsibility, issues to the general mess are posted to which of the following  records? 1. NAVSUP Form 978 only 2. NAVSUP Forms 978 and 464 only 3. NAVSUP Forms 464 and 235 only 4. NAVSUP Forms 235, 464, and 978 Authorized  issues  to  ship’s  use are charged to what fund? 1. Ship’s  Store  Profits,  Navy 2. Navy Stock Fund 3. Imprest fund 4. OPTAR fund Which of the following items should NOT be issued to ship’s use,  but  procured  according  to the  procedures P-485? 1. Film 2. Padlocks 3. Cameras 4. Flashbulbs in the NAVSUP 46

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