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Page Title: File Maintenance
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decisions regarding safety there is no substitute for  good  judgment  and  experience. FILE   MAINTENANCE As a Ship’s Serviceman maintaining the files, you will handle every receipt document and you must   know   what   to   do   with   it.   After   the merchandise  is  received  and  stowed,  you  will  need to know how to extend the receipt document and enter the appropriate cost or retail totals to the correct records located in the files. You will also need  to  know  how  to  account  for  the  receipt document  on  the  stock  record  files  and  file  the receipt  document  properly  in  the  ship’s  store  files. RECEIPT  DOCUMENTS The   receipt   document   you   will   receive   to account  for  receipts  will  either  be  the  Order  for Supplies or Services/Request for Quotations, DD Form   1155,   for   receipts   from   purchase   or the   DOD   Single   Line   Item   Release/Receipt Document, DD Form 1348-1, and the Requisition and Invoice/Shipping Document, DD Form 1149, for  receipts  from  other  supply  officers  or  other appropriations.  Once  the  merchandise  has  been inspected, counted, and stowed, both the receipt inspector  and  bulk  storeroom  custodian  will forward  one  of  these  documents  to  the  ship’s  store office   for   processing. In   separate   responsibility,   when   the   bulk storeroom and the resale outlet are operated by different  persons,    the   processing   of   receipt documents  is  different  slightly  from  processing them in combined responsibility. We will discuss the  procedures  for  handling  a  receipt  document in both responsibilities in this chapter beginning with separate responsibility so you can note the differences. EXTENDING  RECEIPTS You  first  need  to  determine  the  total  dollar value of each receipt document so it can be entered to  the  Journal  of  Receipts,  NAVSUP  Form  977, located in the Journal of Receipts and Journal of Expenditures   File,   SSA-3.   This   is   done   by manually  extending  the  receipt  document  and entering the available receipt data into the ROM system. Once the receipt document is received by the ship’s  store  office,  the  ship’s  store  officer  will compare  the  quantities  received  on  the  receipt inspectors  and  incoming  material  file  copy  to make   sure   quantities   agree.   The   ship’s   store officer  will  forward  the  receipt  inspector’s  copy to the recordskeeper for extensions and manually extend  the  incoming  material  file  copy. Once you receive the receipt inspector’s copy of  the  receipt  document,  you  should  pull  the identical copies of the receipt document from the Outstanding  Purchase  Order  File  (SSA-11A).  You will  then  enter  all  receipt  data  available  in  the ROM   receipt   function   using   the   instructions contained  in  the  ROM  system  Terminal   Users Guide   (TUG).   ROM   will   assign   a   receiving number  to  each  receipt  entered  and  extend  the receipt  document  at  cost  price.  ROM  will  compute the  total  dollar  value  at  cost  price  for  each  receipt based on the information you enter and post this amount  to  the  Journal  of  Receipts,  NAVSUP Form  977.  The  quantity  received  is  also  posted to  the  Stock  Record,  NAVSUP  Form  464. After  you  enter  all  appropriate  receipt information   into   the   ROM   system,   you   will determine   the   total   cost   value   of   the   receipt document manually. First, multiply the cost price of  each  item  on  the  receipt  document  by  the quantity  received  to  get  the  cost  value  for  each item.  Add  each  of  these  cost  values  together  to get  your  total  cost  value  for  the  receipt  document. Use the following formula to determine the total dollar  value  of  the  receipt  document:  total  cost value   plus   transportation   charges   less   credit memos   less   discounts   equals   the   total   dollar value. Study each step in figure 4-12 as we extend this  example  receipt  document  manually.  The  first step is to figure the total cost value for this receipt document.  We  do  this  by  multiplying  the  quantity received, 12, by the cost price, $48.87, which will give us a total cost value of $586.44 for this receipt document.  This  receipt  document  has  only  one item; if there were more than one item, we would have to add extensions for each item together to get  the  total  cost  value. Next,  we  will  add  transportation  charges,  if any,  to  this  total  cost  value.  In  our  example, transportation charges are $19,52, which we will add  to  the  total  cost  value  of  $586.44  and  get $605.96.  The  next  entry  will  be  the  amount  of  the credit  memo,  if  any.  The  credit  memo  will  be subtracted  from  the  total  cost  value  and  any transportation charges. In our example, the total cost value, $586.44, plus transportation charges, $19.52, less credit memo, $30.00, equals a subtotal of $575.96. The subtotal of $575.96 is the figure 4-16

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