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Page Title: The ROM Purchase Order Listing Report
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The ROM Purchase Order Listing Report The   purchase   order   listing   report   is   also accessed   via   the   requisition/purchase   order function.  The  purchase  order  listing  report  will display  all  purchase  orders  created  during  the current  accounting  period.  The  listing  will  indicate the  status  of  each  purchase  order  including  the purchase   order   serial,   invoice   received   and forwarding dates, amounts ordered and received, and  whether  it  is  received  or  outstanding.  This report can be viewed or printed as desired. When this report is viewed, up to 10 purchase orders are displayed  per  screen  starting  with  the  first available  purchase  order  or  specified  date. FILE  SSA-12 This file is called the outstanding requisition file. It will contain copies of each outstanding DD Form 1348 or DD 1149 requisition document. In this  file  you  place  10  requisition  documents  in numerical  sequence  in  separate  folders. The ROM system maintains the outstanding requisition file. This file displays all outstanding requisitions,  either  full  or  partial,  showing  the requisition  quantity  and  the  quantity  received  for each  line  item.  The  quantity  shown  as  received will  only  show  in  this  listing  when  the  requisition has  only  been  partially  received. This file can either be printed or viewed. When you   view   this   file,   up   to   10   requisitions   are displayed  per  screen  starting  with  the  first outstanding  requisition  or  a  specific  date.  The outstanding requisition listing file may be accessed via the requisition/purchase order function. This file is maintained in the ROM and does not replace the  manual  SSA-12  file. FILE SSA-13 This file is called the completed requisition file. It  contains  a  copy  of  each  completed  DD  Form 1348 or DD Form 1149 requisition. In this file you will place 10 requisition documents in numerical sequence   in   separate   folders.   This   file   is maintained  for  the  complete  fiscal  year. The  ROM  system  maintains  the  requisition listing file that is accessed through the requisition/ purchase  order  function.  The  requisition  listing file  will  display  all  requisitions  created  during  the current   accounting   period.   This   listing   will indicate the status of each requisition including requisition  serial  number,  invoice  receipt  and forwarding  dates,  amounts  ordered  or  received, and  whether  it  is  received  or  outstanding.  The  file can  be  viewed  or  printed  if  desired.  When  viewing this file, you can view up to 10 requisitions per screen  starting  with  the  first  available  requisition or  specific  date. FILE  SSA-14 This file is called the expenditure invoice file. It contains the original or copy of each document to which an expenditure serial number is assigned. This file is maintained for the complete fiscal year. FILE  SSA-15 This file is called the fiscal gains or losses file. It  contains  the  original  of  each  NAVSUP  Form 983 for price adjustments or purchase variances. FILE  SSA-16 This file is called the vending machine control file.  It  contains  the  Vending  Machine  Control, NAVSUP   Form   236.   A   separate   Vending Machine  Control,  NAVSUP  Form  236,  is  pre- pared monthly for each can- or cup-type vending machine  operated  aboard  and  is  signed  by  the ship’s  store  officer. FILES SSA-17 AND SSA-18 File  SSA-17  is  called  the  military  corre- spondence   file   and   SSA-18   is   called   the commercial  correspondence  file.  Official  corre- spondence is defined as all recorded communica- tions sent to or received from any person in the Naval   Establishment.   Since   incoming   official correspondence is normally routed directly to the receiver,  you  may  not  see  this  correspondence until it is ready to be filed. A copy of all incoming and  outgoing  correspondence  should  be  filed  in SSA-17   for   military   correspondence   (official correspondence  from  other  military  activities)  and SSA-18  for  commercial  correspondence  (official correspondence   from   civilian   contractors   or vendors,  and  so  forth).  All  incoming  letters  should have  a  note  attached  stating  what  action  was taken. All correspondence remains in the files for future  reference  or  action. FILE  SSA-19 This  file  is  called  the  credit  memorandum  and cash  refund  file.  It  will  contain  a  copy  of  each DD Form 1149 and related credit memorandum and   correspondence. 2-18

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