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CHAPTER 4 BARBERSHOP SERVICE Ship’s  Servicemen  operate  and  manage  the barbershop aboard ship. As a Ship’s Serviceman third  class  working  in  the  barbershop,  you  will cut  hair  and  sanitize  equipment  and  tools  to prevent  the  spread  of  diseases.  The  skill  of  cutting hair comes from constant practice using the basic haircutting  methods.  Since  the  methods  you should use for cutting hair and the procedures you should follow on how to maintain barbering tools are  covered  by  NEC  SH-3122,  all  occupational standards  covering  the  barbershop  have  been deleted  except  for  occupational  standard  72008 which covers the principles of customer relations. Therefore, since the contents of this manual are based on the occupational standards, we will only discuss   material   relating   to   the   principles   of customer relations at customer contact points. To learn  how  to  cut  hair  and  use  barbering  equip- ment,  you  must  attend  the  Ship’s  Serviceman’s barber   school,   a   4-week   course   designed   to provide training to enlisted personnel in the area of barbering. Upon completion of the course, you will   receive   credit   for   NEC   SH-3122   to   be designated as a barber. THE  BARBERSHOP The  proper  administration  and  operation  of the barbershop is the responsibility of the supply officer. This responsibility for the ship’s store and service  activities  may  be  delegated  to  a  junior Supply  Corps  officer  attached  aboard  ship  after the  commanding  officer’s  approval.  This  delega- tion of responsibilities does not relieve the supply officer of any of his or her responsibilities for the department.   Barbershop   services   aboard   ship should  include  regular  haircuts,  afro  haircuts,  and tonic.   A   picture   of   regular   and   afro   haircuts should be mounted side by side in the barbershop. Other  services  may  be  provided  if  time,  space, equipment,  and  personnel  permit;  however,  no special  customer  services  should  be  provided. PURPOSE OF THE BARBERSHOP The main purpose of the afloat barbershop is to   provide   regulation   haircuts   to   shipboard personnel and maintain the traditional smart ap- pearance of Navy men and women. As a barber, you should be familiar with the Navy’s policy of grooming  standards  as  set  forth  in  U.S.   Navy Regulations.   The  Navy  judges  grooming  stan- dards on neatness, cleanliness, military image, and appearance in uniform of Navy members. A sign indicating   authorized   grooming   standards   for U.S.  Navy  personnel  should  be  posted  in  the barbershop. STANDARDS  OF  SERVICE The standards of service are those standards that are normally expected of the barbershop to provide their customers. These standards will be used  by  the  management  to  evaluate  the  effective- ness  of  the  barbershop  operation.  To  make  a realistic evaluation, management must take into consideration  the  facilities,  equipment,  space,  and personnel  available. They  must  take  these capabilities and match them with the barbershop standards of service. These standards of service for the barbershop are listed in appendix D of the NAVSUP P-487. You must become familiar with these standards in order to maintain the service your  barbershop  provides  at  a  high  level. BARBERSHOP  INSTRUCTIONS To assist barbershop personnel in the proper performance of their duties, supply department, medical, and ship’s instructions were developed. Supply Department Instructions Supply  department  instructions  provide barbers  with  instructions  on  doing  their  job properly  in  certain  areas  of  the  barbershop.  A copy of these instructions should be posted in the 4-1

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