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Page Title: Payment Offices
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PAYMENT OFFICES Dealers’ invoices should be paid by the office indicated  on  the  purchase  document.  Purchase orders,  contracts,  and  blanket  purchase  agree- ments (BPAs) that are issued by an ashore activity should   specify   the   payment   office.   Except   as otherwise   mentioned   earlier,   purchase   orders issued  by  your  ship  will  specify  the  most appropriate  of  the  following  payment  offices: Payment  Offices FAADCLANT, Norfolk, VA FAADCPAC, San Diego, CA NSC, Pearl Harbor, HI Fleet  Units  Served Atlantic Fleet ships (CONUS only) Pacific Fleet ships (CONUS and  Alaska  only) Pacific Fleet ships (for purchases in Hawaii only) VENDOR’S  DOCUMENTS  FOR PURCHASES  UNDER  A  BLANKET PURCHASE  AGREEMENT Since a purchase document is not required for material or services procured by a BPA, there are special  procedures  that  you  must  do  for  processing a   vendor’s   document   that   pertains   to   BPA purchases. These procedures are discussed next. Delivery  Tickets Materials or services processed by a BPA call normally  will  be  furnished  with  an  accompanying delivery  ticket  that,  except  for  one  copy,  is required  to  be  received  immediately  and  returned to  the  vendor.  Regardless  of  who  is  designated in the BPA to receive the delivery ticket that is returned to the vendor, the retained copy should be  received  by  an  authorized  representative  of  the department  that  initiated  the  request  for  the material or service. After the receipt data has been entered   in   the   Requisition/OPTAR   Log,   the retained copy should be filed with the applicable BPA log pending receipt of the dealer’s invoice. Dealers’  Invoices Dealers’  invoices  for  BPA  purchases  usually are prepared and submitted periodically under the instructions  and  terms  provided  in  the  BPA. Depending on the instructions in the BPA, either an itemized invoice or a summary invoice can be submitted for payment. A summary invoice can be required to be supported by copies of received 6-20 delivery tickets, or it can be required only to list the  delivery  document  numbers  and  dates.  In  any event, when you receive the dealer’s invoice, you should  promptly  match  it  with  your  retained  copy of  the  related  delivery  ticket.  If  the  invoice  is correct   and   proper,   you   should   process   it   as follows: l  Either  on  the  front  or  back  of  the  first copy, enter the certification “Received, inspected, and   accepted   by   (your   ship’s   name   and   hull number)   on   (date)”; your   supply   officer’s signature and rank; and the complete accounting data. .   On   the   retained   copy,   enter   the information  that  was  discussed  in  the  previous paragraph  on  Retained  Copies. .  Forward  the  original  and  three  copies  of the   certified   invoice   to   the   payment   office indicated on the BPA. If you determine that the dealer’s  invoice  reflects  erroneous  charges,  you should return it within 15 days to the vendor with a  cover  letter  for  correction  and  resubmission. Disposition of Retained Documents After  a  dealer’s  invoice  for  BPA  purchases  has been  forwarded  for  payment,  the  retained  copy of the invoice or delivery ticket should be attached to  the  hardback  copy  of  the  related  DD  Form 1348.  Upon  attaching  the  invoice  to  the  DD  Form 1348, it should be removed from the outstanding file.  However,  if  it  is  a  continuous  obligation document, it should be left in the outstanding file. See figure 6-14 for the procedures involved in the receipt  of  purchased  material. PREPARING  ISSUE  DOCUMENTS When preparing documents for issues, you can use a variety of forms. Your choice of form will depend on whether the issue is for your ship or it is being made to another ship or activity. A few different forms that your ship can use for issue and for receipt of material are discussed in the following  paragraphs. TYPES OF REQUEST The  types  of  forms  that  can  be  used  for requesting material to be ordered or issued are the NAVSUP Form 1250-1 and DD Forms 1348 and 1348-1. We have discussed these forms earlier in

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