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Page Title: When Imprest Funds May be Used
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Advance  of  Funds A  signed  copy  of  the  letter  appointing  the imprest fund cashier is furnished to the disbursing officer,  at  which  time  the  disbursing  officer advances  the  authorized  amount  of  the  fund  to the cashier and obtains a receipt for the advance. Security of Cash and Receipts To prevent theft or unauthorized use, imprest funds  (both  cash  and  receipts  for  amounts  paid out and not yet reimbursed) must receive the same security as that given other public monies as pre- scribed in the  NAVCOMPT  Manual,  volume  4. When Imprest Funds May be Used Imprest funds should only be used to purchase supplies and services when the requirement cannot be satisfied by the supporting shore activity within the required time frame. Other criteria for use are as  follows: . The transaction involves one delivery and one payment not in excess of $500. Simultaneous requirements   may   not   be   split   into   multiple purchase transactions to circumvent the prescribed monetary  limitation  for  imprest  fund. .  The  supplies  or  services  are  available immediately and cash payment will be made upon pickup  or  delivery. Restrictions on Uses Imprest funds may not be used for any of the following   purposes: l  Cashing  checks  or  other  negotiable instruments .  Payment  of  public  utility  bills .  Payment  of  salaries  and  wages .   Purchase   of   foreign   items   unless   the applicable   decisions   of   exception   and documentation  are  made  before  procurement . Purchase of supplies or services that would not  be  authorized  for  purchase  under  general purchasing  regulations. Disbursements Purchases  from  the  imprest  fund  must  be based   on   an   authorized   purchase   request document  (NAVSUP  Form  1250-1  or  DD  Form 1348)  approved  by  the  supply  officer  or  an authorized  representative.  Normally,  the  purchase request document must be marked Imprest Fund and must include the item name, the estimated unit price and total price, and the vendor’s name and  address,  if  known. The cashier may advance funds to the person authorized  to  make  the  purchase  and  obtain  a receipt  for  the  advance,  or  the  cashier  may reimburse the person for an authorized purchase made with his or her own money. In either case, the approval must be obtained before the purchase is made. Figure 5-16 illustrates the Standard Form 1165 and describes its use as an interim receipt for money advanced and as a receipt for money spent.  It  is  preferable  to  obtain  the  receipt  for purchase on the vendor’s own form (sales ticket, delivery  ticket,  or  other  similar  document),  but if this is not available, the Standard Form 1165 may be used. If the vendor’s form is used as the receipt for cash and the amount of the purchase exceeds  $15,  the  sales  representative  must  certify the  receipt  as  follows: Cash  payment  received  in  full: Amount  $ Date By Title The supply officer or other designated person receives all items purchased through the imprest fund and certifies receipt by dating and signing the  vendor’s  receipt  Received  and  Accepted. When  practical,  a  designated  person  should  be someone  other  than  the  imprest  fund  cashier.  The purchaser must return the receipt and any unused cash to the cashier as soon as possible, and the cashier voids his or her interim receipt for cash and  returns  it  to  the  purchaser.  These  receipts must  be  afforded  the  same  security  as  cash. The  cashier  should  balance  his  or  her  funds daily to make sure the total amount of the fund is accounted  for,  either  in  cash  or  purchase  receipts. Inspection and Verification The imprest fund cashier may be required to account  for  the  established  balance  of  the  fund at   any   time.    The   total   of   cash   on   hand, paid   vendors’   receipts,  unpaid  reimbursement vouchers, and interim receipts for cash must equal the total of the fund. An unannounced inspection is made at least quarterly. The commanding of- ficer  designates  a  person  or  persons  to  conduct the inspection and a report of inspection is made promptly  to  the  commanding  officer. Reimbursement To  maintain  adequate  controls  over  imprest funds   a   Reimbursement   Voucher,   Standard Form 1129, is prepared on an as-required basis, 5-27

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