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Page Title: Cognizance Symbol
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a  nine-digit  national  item  identification  number  (NIIN), The NIIN consists of a two-digit national edification bureau   (NCB)   code   (which   will   be   discussed separately) and seven digits which in conjunction with the NCB code, uniquely identify each NSN item in the Federal  supply  distribution  system.  Figure  4-2  shows the elements of an NSN in the order they are written. Cognizance Symbol A two-part cognizance symbol is used by the Navy to  provide  supply  management  information.  Then  are 94  cognizance  symbols  currently  in  use.  The  majority of  stock  transactions  aboard  ship  use  cognizance symbols 1H, 9C, 9G, 9N, 9Q, and 9Z. The first part is a single number that tells in what the stores account the material is carried in the supply system. Briefly, the numerical  part  of  the  cognizance  symbol  indicates  the following: 1,3,5,7 9 2,4,6,8 Material is held in the Navy Stock Account (NSA). When this material is issued, it must be paid for by the requisitioner. Material  purchased  by  the  Defense Stock Fund and held in NSA. When this material is issued, it must be paid for  by  the  requisitioner. Material  held  in  the  Appropriations Purchases   Account   or   nonstores account.   This   material   is   issued without  charge  to  the  requisitioner. The  second  part  of  the  cognizance  symbol  is  a single-letter code that designates the inventory manager or inventory control point (ICP) that has cognizance, or control, of the material. These inventory managers may be Navy or Defense activities. Material Control Code The  material  control  code  (MCC)  is  a  single  letter code  assigned  by  the  inventory  manager  to  indicate  the rate of usage or to designate those items having special reporting and/or control requirements. The MCC is discussed further in the latter part of this chapter. National Codification Bureau (NCB) Code An NCB code is a two-digit code which is included as the fifth and sixth digits of an NSN or a NATO stock Figure 4-2.-National stock number for an Item of supply. number. It identifies the country that assigned the stock number or it indicates that the stock number is used by two  or  more  countries.  The  NCB  codes  currently assigned are listed in the NAVSUP P485. National  Item  Identification  Number The national item identification number (NIIN) is a  nine-digit  number  which  identifies  each  item  of supply used by the DOD. The NIIN indexes or relates to  identification  data  information  which  makes  it different from every other item. The amount and type of  identification  data  depends  on  the  item  and  its intended use. Although the NIIN is part of the NSN, it is  used  to  independently  identify  an  item.  Except  for identification  lists,  most  Federal  supply  catalogs  are arranged in NIIN order. Stock records are also maintained in NIIN order as are  load  lists  and  consolidated  allowance  lists. Navy Item Control Numbers Items of material that are not included in the Federal Catalog System, but stocked or monitored by the Navy Supply System, are identified by Navy item control numbers   (NICNs).   NICNs   are   13-character   item identification  numbers.  They  are  assigned  by  ICPs  or other Navy item managers for permanent or temporary control  of  selected  non-NSN  items  under  their 4-2

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