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Page Title: Letter Requests
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LETTER  REQUESTS Letter requests occasionally may be used to obtain material  for  which  the  usual  procurement  documents are  inapplicable  or  inappropriate.  Generally,  letter requests   will   be   submitted   only   when   a   formal discussion of the material requirement is necessary. Their use may also be required by the cognizant systems command,  bureau,  office,  or  other  inventory  manager. In  addition  to  item  descriptions  and  quantities  letter requests  will  include,  as  a  minimum,  a  MILSTRIP document  number  (for  each  item),  an  authorized priority designator (or required delivery date), rind applicable accounting data. When a letter request is submitted for material which is chargeable to the ship’s OPTAR,  a  DD  Form  1348  will  be  prepared  as  an obligation   document. UNIFORM  MATERIAL  MOVEMENT AND  ISSUE  PRIORITY  SYSTEM (UMMIPS) A vital part of the Military Standard Requisitioning and  Issue  Procedures  (MILSTRIP)  is  the  requirement to  assign  priorities  as  outlined  m  the  Uniform  Material Movement and Issue Priority System (UMMIPS). In the  movement  and  issue  of  material,  There  must  be  a common  basis  to  determine  the  relative  importance  of competing  demands  for  resources  of  the  logistics systems.   These   resources   are   transportation, warehousing,  requisition  processing,  and  material assets. The basis for expressing the military urgency of a requirement is the priority designator (PD), which ranges  from  01  (highest)  to  15  (lowest).  The  PD assigned to a requisition determines the time frame within   which   the   requirement   normally   will   be processed  by  the  supply  system.  Except  as  prescribed in  the  NAVSUP  P-485,  the  PDs  to  be  used  in Requisitioning  material  or  services  will  be  determined by  the  requisitioner’s  assigned  force/activity  designator (F/AD)  and  the  applicable  urgency  of  need  designator (UND). The UND will be derived in accordance with the criteria found in the NAVSUP P-485. An activity’s assigned  F/AD,  in  conjunction  with  the  UND  applicable to the requirement, determines the appropriate PDs to be  assigned  m  requisition  documents.  For  detailed information  on UMMIPS, refer to the NAVSUP P-485. PROCUREMENT FROM SERVMARTS A SERVMART is a self-service store oprated by an ashore supply activity. It provides a ready supply of relatively   low-cost   items   frequently   required   by customers  in  the  area.  A  SERVMART  also  stocks certain  medical  and  dental  supplies,  that  can  only  be obtained  by  authorized  Medical  or  Dental  Corps personnel. Each SERVMART issues a SERVMART Shopping Guide which lists the cognizance symbol, NSN, noun name, unit of issue, unit price, and storage location  of  each  item  stocked  in  the  SERVMART.  The self-service   feature   of   SERVMARTs,   as   well   as simplified  requisitioning  procedures,  enables  an  ashore supply activity to realize substantial cost savings and let its customers obtain material quickly without preparing and submitting a separate requisition for each item. The range of material available, ease of requisition, and ready convertibility to personal use require that afloat supply  management  personnel  rigorously  monitor  and control  SERVMART  shopping. SERVMART  PROCEDURES A  SERVMART  Shopping  List  (SSL)  (NAVSUP Form 1314) is used to list the items to be procured from a SERVMART. It provides the basis for preparation of each  DD  Form  1348  or  NAVSUP  Form  1250-1  money value only (MVO) required for such procurements. See figure  5-8  and  5-9  for  examples  of  documents  used  to procure items from Servmart. Mandatory Requirements The use of the SERVMART Shopping List (SSL) (NAVSUP  Form  1314)  is  mandatory  in  all  procurement actions  from  SERVMART.  NAVSUP  Form  1314,  in conjunction with DD Form 1348 (MVO) or NAVSUP Form 1250-1 (MVO) are the only procurement forms authorized. Refer to the NAVSUP P-485 for detailed guidance in the use of these forms for SERVMART procurement. Documentation by Material Category One SSL in triplicate and one supporting DD Form 1348 or NAVSUP Form 1250-1 (MVO) are required to be  pepared  for  each  category  of  material  that  is  to  be procured  from  a  SERVMART. Procurement of Material in Bulk Quantities Since  larger  ships  often  require  quantities  of material  which  would  exceed  amounts  reasonably expected   to   be   stocked   on-the-shelf,   many SERVMARTs   provide   a   bulk   issue   service.   This service is designed to provide the quantities necessary to fill smaller customer needs. However, SERVMARTs 5-13

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