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Page Title: Other Numbers
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Other Numbers DRAWING    NUMBERS—Certain    technical materials  are  identified  by  a  drawing  or  sketch  number assigned by the controlling bureau or systems command or  by  the  manufacturer,  and  must  appear  on  all requisitions when a stock number is not assigned. JCEC   NOMENCLATURE—some   items   of electronic   equipment   are   identified   by   Joint Communications   Electronics   Committee   (JCEC) nomenclature   (AN/UYK-5(V))   or   Navy   type (R-390A/URR)  or  model  number  (MK  9  MOD  2)  as well as stock and serial number. In addition, major units of  fire  control  radar  equipment  are  identified  by  mark and modification numbers. MARK   AND   MODIFICATION   NUMBER— Ordnance   material   usually   is   given   a   mark   and modification  number,  a  drawing  number,  and  a  piece number. These serve to identify the part and facilitate reference   to   ordnance   publications.   Ordnance equipment  may  also  be  serially  numbered,  giving individual identify to units that are physically alike. This number is stamped on certain ordnance equipment, such  as  a  rifle  or  pistol  to  facilitate  identification  of  the manufacturer and to place responsibility for custody. TOOLS  OF  IDENTIFICATION So far you have studied the need for classifying material, how material is classified, how the NSN is constructed, how the NSN is used to classify material, the  types  of  material  used  in  the  Navy,  and  the  various markings  used  in  identification. The classification of material as to type is important because of the method used in accounting for ship’s money.  This  is  discussed  later  in  this  TRAMAN. Material  identification  does  not  end  with  the assignment of a stock number. The customers of the supply system need some means of identifying their requirements  with  the  stock  numbers  assigned  to  them, and  of  detemining  the  authorized  quantities  to  carry on  bead.  Identification  of  these  requirements  may  be determined by using the following lists:   Management List-Navy-provides current data for  requisitioning  purposes  (unit/issue/price, etc.). Allowance  Lists—contain  the  items  authorized, and recommended quantities that should be on hand   and   provide   descriptive   data   which associate  a  material  requirement  to  an  NSN. Load   Lists-reflect   the   range   and   depth   of material  carried  by  Combat  Logistics  Forces (CLF)  ships  (including  tenders  and  repairships), or bases to fulfill assigned supply support of fleet units. INTRODUCTION  TO  FEDERAL SUPPLY CATALOGS AND RELATED PUBLICATIONS (NAVSUP P-4000) All Storekeepers should become proficient in the use of the Introduction to Federal Supply Catalogs and Related  Publications  (NAVSUP  P-4000)  because  it presents  a  consolidated  text  of  the  features  and guidelines  for  use  of  various  Federal  Catalog  System and  Naval  Supply  Systems  Command  (NAVSUP) publications.   It   also   presents   instructions   which disseminate information relative to items within the Navy  Supply  System  and  indicates  the  interrelationship of the various publications. Complete and accurate management data must be available  for  requisitioning  purposes  and  for  effective financial   and   inventory   control   of   material.   The Management  List-Navy  (ML-N)  provides  the  basic management  data.  Related  publications  supplement  the ML-N by providing additional management data or by consolidating   certain   information   for   reference purposes. The  ML-N  and  related  publications  are  described in  detail  in  individual  chapters  of  the  NAVSUP  P-4000. Publications covered by this “Introduction” presents data using the format of the national stock number (NSN) and the national item identification number (NIIN). The short descriptions of what is contained in each  publication  should  be  used  as  a  first  step  in obtaining   required   material   identification   and management   data The NAVSUP P-4000 is published by the Navy Fleet  Material  Support  Office.  This  publication  is  not maintained  on  a  fixed  schedule.  However,  it  is  updated by change notices when required, or republished when the  content  is  revised  significantly. MANAGEMENT LIST-NAVY The Management List-Navy (ML-N) is the basic publication relating to NSN management data. It is published in NIIN sequence and includes only items for which  Navy  interest  has  been  recorded.  Ammunition items are included, but the Catalog of Navy Ammunition Stock, NAVSEA  OD  12067/NAVAIR  11-1-116,  is  still essential  for  ordering  and  reporting. 4-8

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