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Page Title: Special Requisitioning Information
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If NAVSUP   Forms   1250-1   (MVO)   to   the SERVMART  clerk,  and  obtain  from  the  clerk  a separate adding machine tape for each DD Form 1348 or NAVSUP Form 1250-1 presented. Prior  to  leaving  the  SERVMART,  reconciled  any differences  between  the  prices  listed  in  each adding machine tape or Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS)   tape   and   those   indicated   in   the applicable  SSLs. requested  items  were  not  available  at  the SERVMART and the unavailable items are still required, MILSTRIP requisitions for the required item will be pepared and submitted through normal supply channels. SPECIAL  REQUISITIONING INFORMATION Thus far, you have learned how requisitions are prepared  and  submitted  for  routine  requirements determined  by  the  supply  officer  or  head  of  other departments.   Not   all   requisitions,   however,   are routine. For  some,  special  handling  or  additional information  is  required. TRANSFER FROM OTHER SHIPS Emergency requirements may be obtained from ships other than supply ships and tenders if the material is available and can be spared. The request may be made  on  a  DD  Form  1348,  NAVSUP  1250-1,  or  by message and should contain the same incarnation as a requisition to a supply activity except that the routing identifier is left blank. If the requested material is not available for issue, the requisition is returned to the requisitioner since ships do not hold requisitions on backorder for later issue. EQUIPAGE Equipage is a term applied to items that are not consumed in use, and usually are of greater value and have a longer useful life than supplies. There are two categories of equipage: controlled equipage and other equipage. Equipage  allowances  are  established  in  the  COSAL Stock-Number  Sequence  List-Operating  Space  Items (SNSL-OSI), COSAL parts I and II, and instructions and publications issued by commands and offices. The COSAL  allowances  were  discussed  in  chapter  3  and  are the   most   frequently   referred   to.   The   heads   of departments  are  responsible  for  submitting  requests  for equipage  requirements  to  the  supply  officer,  who  then requisitions  the  needed  items. Equipage  that  is  not  controlled  is  procured  in  the same  manner  as  other  operating  space  items.  The allowance  is  intended  as  a  guide  and  the  quantity  on board  is  determined  by  need  and  OPTAR  availability. When a request is received from a department head, the supply  officer  submits  the  requisition  direct  to  the supply  activity. Selected  items  are  designated  controlled  equipage and require increased management afloat due to anyone or  a  combination  of  the  following: 1.  Essential  for  the  protection  of  life,  or 2.  relatively  valuable  and  easily  converted  to personnel  use. NAVSUP P-485 contains a list of items designated as  controlled  equipage. The  type  and  quantity  of controlled equipage on the ship’s allowance list are mandatory  allowances.  Ships  should  carry  a  full allowance  of  these  items  at  all  times.  Since  each  ship has  a  definite  allowance,  deficiencies  or  shortages  can be determined and are budgeted separately in the ship’s OPTAR. When  an  item  of  controlled  equipage  is  lost, damaged  or  otherwise  unfit  for  use,  it  should  be replaced  promptly  provided  funds  are  available.  Such replacement  of  missing  or  unserviceable  controlled equipage  must  be  substantiated  by  a  survey  and accompanied  by  a  NAVSUP  Form  1250-1. Requests  for  deficiencies  are  submitted  to  the supply officer on NAVSUP Form 1250-1 by the head of   department   having   custody   of   the   controlled equipage. Upon receipt of the above issue requests, procurement  documents  are  prepared  by  supply  on either   DD   Form   1348   or   DD   Form   1348-6   in accordance with NAVSUP P-485. These requisitions are  then  submitted  directly  to  the  supply  activity without approval of higher authority. When  controlled  equipage  is  required  in  excess  of allowance  for  a  particular  operation  or  short  period  of time,  an  in-excess  requisition  maybe  submitted  to  the TYCOM   (type   commander)   for   approval.   The requisition is submitted with a letter of transmittal which should state the circumstances of the need. If additional controlled equipage is needed on a permanent  basis,  an  Allowance  Change  Request  must be  submitted  to  the  authority  that  established  the allowance. The request should include the allowance list reference, quantity allowed, additional quantity needed, and the reason for that need. The request is submitted  via  the  chain  of  command  and  no 5-15

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