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Page Title: Stock Lists and Catalogs
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trip. During wartime or other emergency, the duration and destination of the ship may not be known. The supply officer must then load to capacity to provide for the  ship’s  requirements  for  an  indefinite  period  of  time. For most operating supplies, the supply officer has the past  records  of  what  has  been  used.  From  these,  a balanced  load  that  will  provide  the  maximum  days  of support can be calculated. But what about repair parts? No  one  can  predict  when  a  bearing  on  the  freshwater pump will wear out or a vital part in the radar will fail. This is where the COSAL takes over. Computers have analyzed the failure frequency of parts used aboard ships,  and  based  on  the  equipment  aboard  your  ship, have  developed  an  allowance  of  repair  parts  that  you should  stock. The  key  word  in  COSAL  is  COORDINATED. Computers assemble a list of the allowed parts from the hundreds  of  APL/AELs  into  lists  of  repair  parts  to  be stocked by the ship. These lists are prepared by the activities  and  cover  the  equipments  supported  by  them. The  preparation  of  these  lists  takes  into  account  the: installed  equipment  on  board quantity of each item of that equipment failure rate of parts, and the relative  importance  of  these  parts  to  the operation of the equipment. Thus, the COSAL, aided by experience and advice from technical ratings, enables the supply officer to stock  the  items  that  should  be  carried  to  meet  the requirements  for  repair  parts. Of course, the COSAL will not provide parts for every equipment breakdown. To do this, you would have to carry a complete set of spare equipment and machinery   in   the   storeroom.   This   is   impossible. Chapter  12  of  this  TRAMAN  covers  a  system  of reporting that will greatly improve the effectiveness of the COSAL, but the present COSAL is far superior to any system previously used to provide repair parts support  for  the  equipment  and  machinery  aboard  ship. The  COSAL  does  not  include: Ship’s  store  stocks Resale   clothing Subsistence   items Expendable   ordnance Recreational  equipment Hydrographic  charts Medical   material Printing  equipment Bulk  fuels  and  lubricants Repair parts for aircraft These items are covered by separate outfitting and load  lists. Flagship allowances are included in HME COSAL. As  you  study  this  chapter,  keep  in  mind  that  you will  use  the  COSAL  for  two  main  reasons:  (1)  To identify  repair  parts  and  (2)  To  determine  storeroom allowances. This   includes   the   material   in   your storeroom   and   the   material   requirements   of maintenance   personnel.   There   is   much   more information  contained  in  the  COSAL  that  you  may  use, depending upon the type of job you are assigned to do. If you are assigned to the supply support center or repair parts storeroom, you must be able to use the COSAL. How well you are able to use it will depend on  how  well  you  understand  the  purpose  and  content  of each part. Refer to the  COSAL  Use  and  Maintenance  Manual, SPCCINST  4441.170A  series  for  detailed  instructions in its use. STOCK LISTS AND CATALOGS The use of stock lists and catalogs is fully explained in chapter 4. As a Storekeeper you will be expected to have  a  working  knowledge  of  the  stock  lists  and catalogs  on  your  ship. The   following   is   a   brief description of the types and purposes of regularly used references. Complete and accurate management data must be available  for  requisitioning  purposes  and  for  effective financial and inventory control of material. The ML-N provides  the  basic  management  data.  The  related publications  were  developed  to  supplement  the  ML-N by  providing  additional  management  data  and  by consolidating   certain   information   for   reference purposes. The ML-N and related publications all have the  NSN  as  a  common  data  element.  Detailed descriptions and information on the ML-N and the related  publications  listed  below  are  discussed  in chapter 4. Navy Master Repairable Item List (MRIL) 3-8

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