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Page Title: Areas for Possible Analysis
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Figure 5-1.-Forms filed according to standard subject identification codes (SSICs). Related papers, analyses, surveys, or memoranda pertaining  to  the  form  or  related  procedures; information on contemplated revisions; or other data Records   such   as   Forms   Progress   Record, NAVSO 5213/12, SN 0104-LF-904-1020 This  is  helpful  in  providing  usage  data,  progress information,  and  so  on.  When  a  form  is  discontinued, the reason could be noted on this record. CROSS-REFERENCE.–     Regardless  of  your efforts to consolidate related information into one form to serve a variety of purposes or functions, two or more forms  may  still  be  required.  Under  this  condition, similar  SSICs  will  probably  be  used  (though  not required) for each form. Periodic review or the revision or  cancellation  of  any  one  of  these  related  forms  may require  similar  action  with  the  others.  Across-reference to such related forms tiled in their respective folders will prove   extremely   helpful   in   effective   forms management. DISCONTINUED  FORMS.–   When  a  form becomes obsolete or is replaced by one prescribed by higher  authority,  the  folder  is  transferred  to  a  separate file. This file is organized in the same manner as the active tile; that is, it is arranged by SSIC in numerical order. The reason for the discontinuation of the form is noted in the record before the folder is placed in the discontinued file. Disposition of these tiles is governed by the Navy and Marine Corps Records Disposition Manual, SECNAVINST  5212.5C. AREAS FOR POSSIBLE ANALYSIS Forms dealing with a particular function or subject matter; for example, personnel, administration, and cost accounting, may provide reason for analysis with a view toward combining or eliminating forms. These reasons may include the following: .  Apparent  duplication  of  records  or  forms  for performing the function. More than one office may appear  to  be  performing  the  same  functions  or operations or, within one office, the types of forms used or records maintained to perform the function may appear to duplicate each other. . More than one form appears to be used for the same  or  similar  function.  (Here  again  you  should  study operations  with  a  view  toward  streamlining  and simplification.) Usage of Forms Estimates  of  annual  usage  entered  on  the  forms  by the offices submitting them may indicate areas in which to start analysis. One starting point often chosen is to analyze the highest usage forms in the activity; for example, the forms that are the 5 or 10 highest usage. These may involve not only high printing costs but a considerable  man-hour  expenditure  on  the  procedures for their preparation or use. Information in Directives or Instructions The  following  clues  are  available  from  the directives  submitted  with  the  form. FREQUENCY   OF   PREPARATION   OR USE.–  Forms filled out or posted on a daily or weekly basis  may  have  a  larger  potential  for  clerical  and administrative savings or improvement than forms used at less frequent intervals. If it is believed the frequency of  preparation  or  use  can  be  reduced  (from  weekly  to monthly or other frequently), paper work can be cut. DISTRIBUTION OF COPIES.– Each copy of a form that is distributed can entail man-hours in its processing and use whether it is the original or a copy. Moreover,   the   provision   of   information   or might-have-a-need-for  copies  may  result  in  a considerable man-hour expenditure in distributing, handling, and possibly filing whether any action is taken or not. Examination of the actual use made of each copy 5-5

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