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Page Title: Chapter 5 Forms
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CHAPTER 5 FORMS As  a  Yeoman  3  or  Yeoman  2  you  should  be acquainted  with  the  Navy’s  forms  management  system. This system is set up to design, order, and account for forms used by your command. As you become more senior and begin to take on more responsibility, the management of forms within a command may become part of your duties. The  information  contained  in  this  chapter  should help  you  to  become  an  effective  forms  manager. Suggestions   given   should   not   be   considered all-inclusive; you must use your own imagination and initiative in establishing and carrying out an effective forms control system within your office or command. Your  job  as  forms  manager  will  become  easier,  of course, as you gain more experience in the field, but, as with any job in the Navy, it is much more enjoyable when you begin the job with a general knowledge of what is expected. In addition to the material in this chapter,   you   should   become   familiar   with   the Department of the Navy (DON) Forms Management Program,  SECNAVINST  5213.  10C;  Introducrion, Procurement,  and  Management  of  Cognizance  Symbol “11”   Forms   Into   the   Navy   Supply   System, NAVSUPINST 5600.20B, and  Introduction to Navy Stock  List  of  Publications  and  Forms,   NAVSUP P-2002D. For the Navy’s purpose, the term  form is defined as all printed or duplicated material, regardless of the method  of  reproduction,  that  contains  predetermined blank spaces for the insertion of information by hand, typewriter,  or  other  business  machine. IMPORTANCE OF FORMS The need for forms is well established. They are vital to the effective management of your office and your command because they provide information for formulating   policy,   controlling   and   improving operations, and evaluating performance. Operations often  depend  on  forms.  Forms  guide  the  movement  of materials, the performance of services, the authorization for expenditures, and the payment of money. They provide a basis for clerical and executive actions; they serve as historical references and records. They are the orders, financial accounts, and portions of the reports by which  government  operates. FORMS MANAGEMENT Forms   management   includes   developing   and examining  the  forms  themselves,  determining  how forms relate to the overall efficient operation of the command, and making sure only the most effective forms are used. Forms  management  requires  a  thorough  study  of your  command’s  organization,  workflow,  operating policies, and programs, as well as the methods and procedures  employed  by  the  command.  An  important result from a study of forms including their designs and their related procedures should be suggested changes in procedures,  record  systems,  reporting  patterns, organization,  and  so  forth. OBJECTIVES  OF  FORMS  MANAGEMENT The   objectives   of   forms   management   at   the command level are as follows: .  To  make  sure  necessary  forms  and  related procedures  are  developed  and  designed  to  make the maximum contribution to the command’s mission . To eliminate unnecessary and duplicate forms and,  as  appropriate,  consolidate  those  serving like  or  similar  functions  using,  wherever practical,  the  higher  echelon  form RESPONSIBILITIES FOR ADMINISTRATION OF FORMS MANAGEMENT The  Department  of  the  Navy  (DON)  Forms Management  Program,  SECNAVINST  5213.10C,  sets forth principles, techniques, and methods in establishing and administering the forms management program; improving  forms  and  related  procedures  through analysis;  designing  forms  to  Navy  standards;  and training  of  personnel  in  forms  management.  It  is considered to be the primary guide for forms design standards and criteria for the DON. 5-1

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