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Page Title: Congressional Correspondence
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Dear  Sir/Madam: This in reply to your letter of (date) requesting certain information relative to the credit rating of (grade/rate, name),  United  States  Navy. (Grade/rate, name) is currently a member of the naval service on active duty. His/Her official address is (fill in). His/Her basic rate of pay is (fill in) per month. Current policy of the Department of the Navy prevents finishing further information in this regard. If more detailed data is required, it is suggested that it be requested directly from (grade/rate, name) or from credit bureaus or other commercial rating agencies. It  is  hoped  that  the  foregoing  information  satisfactorily  answers  your  inquiry. Sincerely  yours, Figure 11-11.-Response to letter of request for information relative to a member’s credit rating. The following action should be taken in aggravated .  If  the  interim  reply  gives  an  estimated  date  for situations of nonpayment of legal debts: . A CO's action in the case of an officer should be governed  by  the  article  on  performance  of  officer members. . Enlisted members should be counseled under the provisions  for  discharge  of  enlisted  members  for reasons of misconduct. When considered to be in the interest  of  systematizing  the  management  of  the member’s  financial  affairs,  it  maybe  suggested  that  the member  submit  to  the  CO  a  statement  of  monthly finances  and  outstanding  obligations. .  COs  should  submit  to  the  Chief  of  Naval Personnel (PERS-8) a full report of circumstances in connection with any petition in bankruptcy, discharge in bankruptcy,  or  approved  wage  earner’s  plan  concerning any member of their command. CONGRESSIONAL CORRESPONDENCE All  communication  from  a  United  States  Senator,  a Representative  in  Congress,  or  other  official  concerning personnel  should  receive  a  prompt,  courteous,  and complete reply even though the nature of the reply may necessarily  be  unfavorable. Send a final or interim reply within 5 workdays from the time a congressional inquiry reaches the action officer’s desk. Interim replies take several forms: the final reply, only unusual developments require further interim replies. l If the interim reply doesn’t give an estimated date for the final reply, send more interim replies every 10 workdays until a date for final reply can be set. Send an interim reply in less than 10 workdays when significant information  develops. . If you have announced a date for the final reply but cannot meet it, then by that date send an interim reply that explains the added delay and, if possible, sets a new date for the final reply. Send a blind copy of your final reply and substantive interim  replies  to  the  Office  of  Legislative  Affairs, Washington, DC 20350. Also send blind copies to other Washington  headquarters  as  good  judgment  dictates. A courtesy copy is an extra copy that accompanies the  original.  Always  send  a  courtesy  copy  when responding  to  a  congressional  inquiry. The  requirement  for  correctness  of  replies  cannot be   overemphasized. Guidance   concerning congressional correspondence may be obtained from the Military Correspondence and Congressional Liaison Office  (PERS-3C).  A  copy  of  the  inquiry  and  reply should be promptly sent to the Chief of Naval Personnel (PERS-3C)  and  the  Chief  of  Legislative  Affairs  (Code LA-23). 11-22

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