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Page Title: Passenger Transportation
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Reimbursement: 12/10 12/11 12/12 12/13 3/4 times $26 = $19.50 minus $9 (dinner)  plus  $6  (lodging) =  $16.50 $26  minus  $11.25  (amounts  in parentheses) plus $6 (lodging) =   20.75 same as 12/11 =  20.75 4/4 times $26 minus $2.25 (break- fast and lunch) =  23.75 Round trip of 620 miles times $0.25 = 155.00 Total  reimbursement = $236.75 EXAMPLE 2: Itinerary:  (officer  members  on  TAD  via  air  [GTR]) 7/11 Dep: Residence 1500 Arr: TAD  station 2200 7/12 TAD 7/13 TAD 7/14 TAD 7/15 Dep: TAD  station 0930 Arr: PDS 1700 Government  quarters  are  not  available  and commercial lodging costs $90 per night. A government mess is not available. We will use the regular per diem and M&IE rates for outside CONUS in table 9-1. Reimbursement: 7/11  1/2  times  $34  plus  $86  ($90  =  $103.00 limited to $86) 7/12  $34  Plus  $86 =  120,00 7/13  same  as  7/12 =   120.00 7/14  same  as  7/12 =  120.00 7/1  5  3/4  times  $34 =   25.50 Total  reimbursement = $488.50 PASSENGER TRANSPORTATION The policy of the U.S. Navy is to provide efficient, economical,  and  complete  one-stop  passenger transportation  services  for  eligible  Navy-sponsored travelers  worldwide  through  the  Pay/Personnel Administrative  Support  System  (PASS). 9-6 As part of the overall management program, the passenger transportation division at a personnel support activity  detachment  (PERSUPPDET)  of  each  personnel support  activity  (PERSUPPACT),  as  identified  by  the PERSUPPACT  commanding  officer  (CO),  is  desig- nated by the Bureau of Naval Personnel (BUPERS) as a Navy Passenger Transportation Office (NAVPTO). NAVPTOs are full service transportation offices equipped with the latest state-of-the-art airline computer reservation  equipment,  complemented  by  a  commercial travel office (CTO) having direct access to the Military Airlift  Command  (MAC).  Normally,  NAVPTOs  and PERSUPPDETs  are  the  sole  source  for  obtaining official  passenger  transportation  services. In addition to NAVPTOs, passenger control points (PCPs) have been designated to arrange international and transoceanic passenger transportation in geographic regions  where  there  are  no  NAVPTOs. Passenger transportation services in connection with  official  travel  are  provided  only  by  PER- SUPPDETs. All international or transoceanic travel must  be  arranged  by  a  NAVPTO  or  PCP.  Only NAVPTOs and PCPs are authorized to deal with the MAC  and  Military  Traffic  Management  Command (MTMC)  in  this  capacity.  A  passenger  reservation request (PRR) is submitted to a NAVPTO or a PCP for international or overseas passenger transportation. Overseas  PCPs  are  not  authorized  to  arrange  any segment   of   international   or   transoceanic   travel originating in CONUS. NAVPTOs and PCPs submit requests for passenger transportation to the appropriate MAC   passenger   reservation   center   according   to OPNAVINST  4630.23  (NOTAL). TIMELY ARRANGEMENT OF TRANSPORTATION Transportation  should  be  arranged  as  soon  as requirements are known. It is not necessary to wait until travel orders are published and received. As all PCS travel is arranged in a standard manner within the PERSUPPDEt,  this  applies  primarily  to  temporary  and TAD travel and special group moves. By arranging transportation  at  the  earliest  possible  date,  the PERSUPPDET/NAVPTO  is  able  to  obtain  reservations on the desired date and route at the lowest overall cost. As  soon  as  the  itinerary  of  temporary  duty Navy-sponsored  travelers  (TAD/TDY/TEMADD)  is known, commands where the travelers are originating are required immediately to accomplish the following:

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