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Page Title: Programs Leading to a Commission
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volumes I, II, and III, NAVEDTRA 10500, for basic requirements,  length  of  course,  location  of  the  school, obligated service requirements, and the NEC that would be assigned upon successful completion of the course. PROGRAMS LEADING TO A COMMISSION You may have a goal of becoming a YNCM, the top of the enlisted ladder. Another goal might be to become a commissioned officer. There are several programs open  to  you  that  lead  toward  a  commission,  if  you qualify. Enlisted-to-officer  programs  benefit  from  your career  experience  in  the  military,  especially  in  the supervisory  and  leadership  positions.  You  have  many  of the characteristics in demand such as knowledge of your career  field,  commitment,  responsibility,  creativity,  and the desire to learn. These programs are applicable to Regular Navy and Naval Reserve on active duty. In addition  to  direct  commission,  there  are  basically  three paths leading to a commission. These are the Broadened Opportunity  for  Officer  Selection  and  Training (BOOST) Program and Navy Reserve Officers Training Corps  (NROTC)  for  junior  enlisted,  the  Enlisted Commissioning Program (ECP) for E-5 and E-6, and the Limited Duty Officer (LDO) and Chief Warrant Officer (CWO) Programs for senior members. If you miss one of these programs, seek the next. The path to these programs is within your reach. The following sections explain the programs that lead to a commission. Consult  with  your  career  counselor  to  find  out  how  to qualify for any of the programs. Check to see if there are other programs that may lead to a commission. The United States Naval Academy and Naval Academy  Preparatory  School The  United  States  Naval  Academy  offers  an outstanding opportunity for qualified men and women who desire to seek a career as a commissioned officer. This  program  provides  4  years  of  college  training leading to a commission as an ensign of the Regular Navy or second lieutenant of the Marine Corps. If you apply for a direct appointment to the Naval Academy,  you  may  also  apply  concurrently  for  the Naval Academy Preparatory School, which could bean alternate program in the event you are not selected for direct admission to the Naval Academy. The Naval Academy   Preparatory   School   provides   you   with intensive training that is considered necessary to assure successful  completion  of  the  demanding  academic requirements  at  the  U.S.  Naval  Academy. Detailed  procedures  for  applying  for  an appointment  to  the  U.S.  Naval  Academy  and  the  Naval Academy  Preparatory  School  are  prescribed  in  the MILPERSMAN and  Nomination of Candidates for the Naval Academy-Naval Academy Preparatory School Program,  OPNAVINST   1531.4E.   For   information about this program, see your career counselor or write to   the   Fleet/Naval   Academy   Preparatory   School, Coordinate, Candidate Guidance Office, U.S. Naval Academy,  Annapolis  MD  21402-5018. Naval  Reserve  Officer  Training  Corps Scholarship  Program The  NROTC  Scholarship  Program  offers  an opportunity to earn a college degree and to become a commissioned officer in the Regular Navy or the Marine Corps.   There   are   two   NROTC   Scholarship Programs-the  Four-Year,  which  includes  the  NROTC Nurse  Four-Year  Program  option,  and  the  Two-Year. These  programs  provide  the  recipient  with  tuition, textbooks,   instructional   fees,   and   a   subsistence allowance. It allows a candidate to attend a civilian university for 2 or 4 years depending on the program. Full details about these programs are contained in the MILPERSMAN and the 1992 Naval Reserve Officers Training   Corps   (NROTC)   Scholarship   Programs, OPNAVNOTE  1533. Broadened Opportunity for Officer Selection and Training Program The  BOOST  Program  is  designed  for  selected individuals  from  financially  or  educationally  deprived backgrounds   who   show   promise   for   successful completion  of  college  level  education.  The  BOOST program  offers  an  individual  an  opportunity  to  prepare for entry into the NROTC Scholarship Program or the U.S.  Naval  Academy,  to  earn  a  college  degree,  and  to become an unrestricted line officer. Specific eligibility requirements and application procedures  are  established  in  the  MILPERSMAN  and the Broadened Opportunity for 0fficer Selection and Training (BOOST) Program,  OPNAVNOTE 1500. The following  list  includes  the  general  eligibility requirements for the BOOST Program: . Be an enlisted member on active duty in the Regular Navy or Naval Reserve. . Have 36 months of obligated service as of 1 June of the year in which BOOST training commences. 2-11

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