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Page Title: Return of Absentee
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Immediate action must be taken to transfer members to the nearest installation of their branch of service having facilities  to  process  absentees  and  deserters. The  Deserter  Branch  of  the  Bureau  of  Naval Personnel (PERS-843) manages the Navy’s Deserter Apprehension  Program.  The  Navy  Deserter  Information Point  (DIP),  a  component  of  PERS-843,  operates  on  a 24-hour   basis.   Responsibilities   include   control, accounting,  and  dissemination  of  information concerning  members  administratively  classified  as deserters, as well as providing timely and complete deserter information to civil law enforcement agencies, and  initiating  the  return  of  deserters  apprehended  by civil authorities. The NACUs, under the direct control of PERS-843, are responsible for the collection and delivery  of  absentees  and  deserters  to  the  proper command and for liaison with civil law enforcement agencies.  MILPERSMAN  3430100  lists  the  cities w-here  NACUs  are  located. RETURN OF ABSENTEE When  an  absentee  returns  to military control on board his or her parent command, that command must comply with MILPERSMAN 3430150 if the member was  absent  less  than  24  hours.  In  the  case  of unauthorized absences of more than 24 hours, prepare and distribute the Record of Unauthorized Absence, NAVPERS  1070/606,  within  5  working  days  as specified  in  the  PAYPERSMAN,  NAVSO  P-3050. When the member returns after 10 days’ absence, notify the next of kin of the member’s return, with a copy of the  letter  to  the  Reserve  chaplain  who  was  originally notified.  Appropriate  disciplinary  action  must  be  taken promptly. When an absentee returns to a unit other than his or her parent command, that command must contact the member’s parent command immediately, requesting confirmation of the member’s status. In compliance with  Article  31(b)  of  the  UCMJ,  request  from  the absentee and the parent command the date and hour of absence. In  coordination  with  the  supporting  personnel support   detachment   (PERSUPPDET),   return   the surrendered to his or her parent command by first available means of transportation. If an absentee’s parent  command  is  outside  of  the  48  contiguous  United States or is deployed, comply with the  Issuance of the Navy   Passenger   Transportation   Manual   (PTM), NAVMILPERSCOMINST  4650.2A,  to  obtain  overseas routing  instructions  and  information  on  passport/visa requirements.  Passenger  reservation  requests  (PRRs) must clearly state that the member is traveling under technical arrest orders (TAOs) in a disciplinary status or failed  to  report  in  compliance  with  funded  (PCS, TEMDU  or  TEMADD)  orders. l Surrendered traveling in connection with funded (PCS/TEMU/TEMADD)  orders.  The  orders  will  be endorsed using Detaching (Departing) Endorsement to Orders  -  (Officer-Enlisted)  (OCR),  NAVCOMPT  3067, and  Report  (Arrival)  Endorsement  to  Orders  - (Officer-Enlisted)   (OCR),   NAVCOMPT   3068.   The following statement is included in the Remarks section of NAVCOMPT 3067: “I understand that all expenses and travel costs in connection with this transfer that are in excess of the original  cost  of  my  PCS/TEMDU/TEMADD  orders will be charged against my pay record.” (1)  Include  signature,  rate,  and  social  security number of absentee. Include signature, name, and grade of  witness. (2) In this situation, the PERSUPPDET must issue a U.S. government transportation request (GTR) subject  to  checkage  to  cover  transportation  costs according  to  NAVMILPERSCOMINST  4650.2A. When possible, provide a cash advance to a member without funds to cover local transportation from the transportation terminal to his or her ultimate destination. Prepare a Pay Adjustment Authorization, DD Form 139, to make sure the member’s pay account is adjusted for the cost of travel. . If the member is not in possession of the original or copies of funded orders, then TAOs must be issued and an Administrative Remarks, NAVPERS 1070/613, page 13 entry will indicate that the member is not in possession   of   funded   (PCS/TEMDU/TEMADD) orders. TAOs are issued using Standard Transfer Order, NAVCOMPT 536, according to the Enlisted Transfer Manual (TRANSMAN), NAVPERS 15909D, chapter 23.  Clearly  indicate  on  the  TAOs  Transferred  in  a Disciplinary Status and include the following statement: “(Date). I acknowledge receipt of these orders. I have read their contents and understand that failure to comply  with  these  orders  will  render  me  liable  to charges of further unauthorized absence, disobedience of  orders,  or  manifest  desertion  as  the  circumstances may warrant. I also understand that all expenses and travel costs in connection with this transfer will be charged against my pay records.” 11-16

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