Quantcast Computation of TLA Entitlement Overseas Station Allowances

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Page Title: Computation of TLA Entitlement Overseas Station Allowances
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Sample TLA Computation Involving Per Diem Entitlement
Disbursing Clerk 1 & C - Military manual for administrative purposes
Permanent  Duty  Station
EXAMPLE 2 CONDITIONS: This example is for a member, spouse, and two children under the age of 12 who are occupying temporary lodging that contains facilities for preparing and consuming meals. The locality per diem rate is $150 ($76 lodging and $74 M&IE). The lodging expense is $138 per night. The member receives $13.11 per day for 3AQ and $4.30 per day for BAS. COMPUTATIONS: 1.  Determine  the  TLA  percentage  based  on  four  individuals. 150% (100% for first 2 plus 25% each for children under 12) 2. Multiply the percentage in step 1 times one-half of the 150% x $37 – $55.50 M&IE rate. Half of the M&IE rate = $37. 3. Add the result in step 2 to the actual lodging cost. $55.50 + $138 = $193.50 4. Deduct the daily allowance from step 3. $193.50 – $17.41 = $176.09 BAQ  =  $13.11 BAS = 4.30 $17.41 5. Determine maximum TLA rate—multiply the percentage                  in 150% x $113 ($76 + $37) = $169.50 step 1 times the total of the maximum lodging amount plus one-half of the M&IE amount ($76 + $37) 6. Compare the amounts in steps 4 and 5 and pay the lesser $176.09 vs $169.50; amount. Pay $169.50 for each day. Figure 8-8.—Sample TLA computation involving temporary lodging with facilities for preparing and consuming meals. NOTE: These  figures  are  for  illustrative  purposes only and may not contain the specifically corerct BAQ, BAS, or per diem rates you should use. The information in these figures is designed to help you learn how to compute TLA entitlements. Please consult the most recent  authoritative  publications  for  the  currently correct rates. Restrictions  on  Concurrent  Payments  of Overseas  Station  Allowances As  a  senior  DK,  you  should  be  aware  that concurrent  payments  of  the  overseas  station  allowances we  have  just  discussed  have  certain  restrictions. Normally,  OHAs  and  COLAS  are  not  payable during a period in which a member is entitled to TLA for  himself  or  herself  and/or  dependents.  However, some exceptions to this rule apply when concurrent payments  of  overseas  allowances  are  payable.  The following  situations  are  some  examples  of  exceptions to  this  restriction.  In  these  examples,  concurrent allowances  would  be payable: A   member’s   dependents   are   authorized   to remain at their place of residence after the member departs as long as the dependents are in compliance with the   conditions   we   discussed   earlier   governing entitlement  of  a  member’s  dependents  to  overseas station  allowances. A  member’s  dependents  precede  the  member  to the new PDS and the member is receiving allowances as a member without dependents at the old duty station. A   member   once   established   in   permanent quarters  is  required  to  vacate  those  quarters  temporarily. (OHA is not paid when housing cost is not incurred for permanent  quarters.) Station   allowances   are   authorized   for dependents  at  a  designated  place  outside  CONUS  while the member serves an overseas restricted tour. After  reading  about  the  playability  requirements  and possible exceptions to these requirements, you may find yourself  feeling  somewhat  overwhelmed  by  the technicalities involving payment of overseas station allowances. There are certainly many different rules concerning these entitlements. As a senior DK, you will discover  that  once  you  begin  to  work  with  these entitlements,  the  rules  and  computations  will  become second nature. We have covered the general rules. For 8-15

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