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Page Title: Labeling and Shipping Requirements
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Sample DD Form 2666, Transmittal of Statements and Vouchers (back)
Disbursing Clerk 1 & C - Military manual for administrative purposes
Auditing Reports and Returns
Packaging Packaging material may be any of the following, or their   equivalent,   depending   on   the   number   of documents to be included in each package: Heavy  envelopes Folders  (envelopes  or  wallet  type) Cardboard  backings  with  the  package  tied together with cord or tape Contents Financial   returns   are   submitted   in   two packages—Package No. 1 and Package No. 2. PACKAGE NO. 1 (ORIGINAL RETURNS).— Package No. 1 contains the original and one copy of the Statement   of   Accountability   and   supporting documents.  Vouchers  will  be  grouped  by  each  type with  separate  adding  machine  tapes.  Within  each group,  the  vouchers  will  be  arranged  in  numerical sequence by voucher number. Tapes for disbursements and  collections  will  be  prepared  and  compared  with  the totals on the SF 1219 to ensure completeness of the package. The tapes will be marked and attached to the original SF 1219. PACKAGE NO. 2 (COPIES).—  Package No. 2 contains  copies  of  certain  required  documents.  These documents are shown in appendix 2. The documents which require a copy to be submitted in Package No. 2, as  shown  in  appendix  2,  will  be  packaged  separately. They should be in the same order as Package No. 1. No tapes are required for these documents in Package No. 2, but care should be taken to ensure all necessary copies are  included. LABELING AND SHIPPING REQUIREMENTS The financial returns will be packed in a manner consistent with their bulk and the conditions under which  shipment  is  made.  When  practicable,  the  returns will  be  forwarded  in  one  parcel  or  box. Heavy cardboard  boxes  are  normally  adequate.  If  more  than one box is required, each will be numbered and marked to indicate the number of the box and the total number shipped, such as “No. 1 of 3.” Each parcel or box will be marked in the upper left corner with the name and symbol  number  of  the  DO,  the  station,  and  the department  concerned.  Under  this  information  will  be shown “Financial return for (insert month and year).” When not in excess of weight and size limitations imposed by the U.S. Postal Service, returns may be forwarded by mail unless it has been proven to be unduly slow or unreliable in the past. In the upper left comer, under the return address, all mailings will bear the  printed  statement  “Official  business.”  To  avoid customs delays, returns from overseas and deployed DOs  will  have  the  following  information  prominently displayed on the outer wrapper of the returns: Government Financial Reports Due in (city, state) by (date) Please  Expedite. The  use  of  registered  or  certified  mail  for  the transmittal of financial returns is not required. When the U.S. Postal Service cannot be employed, due to size or weight limitations imposed, other transportation media may be employed as prescribed in the  Naval Supply  Systems  Command  Manual. SUBMISSION TO NAVY SUPPLY CORPS SCHOOL Annually,  DOs  afloat  will  submit  copies  of  a portion of the monthly financial returns to the Navy Supply Corps School in Athens, GA. The Navy Supply Corps  School  uses  these  documents  for  training purposes. Each DO afloat should send a copy of the Transmittal of Statements and Vouchers, DD Form 2666,  the  Statement  of  Accountability  (SF  1219),  and the  Month  End  Check  Issue  Summary  (SF  1179) covering  the  accounting  period  ending  30  September  to the  School. TRANSMITTAL  OF  SUBSEQUENT INFORMATION  AND  OUTSTANDING VOUCHERS Vouchers or explanation in voucher form required to complete an account, which were not available when original  reports  were  forwarded,  will  be  forwarded  as soon  as  possible.  Each  voucher  or  explanation  will  be forwarded  with  a  cover  sheet  containing  a  brief description  of  the  document  or  explanation.  The voucher  number,  date,  DO’s  name,  DSSN,  and accounting period to which it pertains will be identified on  each  document  or  explication  forwarded. 7-21

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