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Page Title: Temporary Disability Retired List
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Transportation Allowances
Disbursing Clerk 1 & C - Military manual for administrative purposes
Eligibility  for  Dependentsí  Travel
authorized  in  connection  with  convalescent  leave travel. TEMPORARY DISABILITY RETIRED LIST Occasionally, members are placed on the TDRL, usually because of illness or injury incurred during active  duty.  As  the  name  implies,  this  is  a  temporary status.  The  member  will  eventually  be  returned  to active duty or be placed on the permanent retired list. Until the final determination is made, the member may be required to report for periodic medical evaluation or to attend hearings before a physical evaluation board. As a senior DK, you should be aware of the associated authorized  travel  entitlements. For a member on TDRL, travel status begins when travel to the medical facility commences and ends with the member’s return to home. If the member’s home is in the same corporate limits as the treatment facility, then  reimbursement  is  based  on  local  travel entitlements.  In  other  instances,  regular  travel  and  per diem  allowances  apply  for  the  member’s  travel  to  and from the facility. While  the  member  is  at  the  medical  facility, reimbursement is based on whether the member is in an inpatient (admitted to the hospital) or an outpatient status.  Reimbursement  entitlement  starts  from  0001  on the day after the member’s arrival through 2400 on the day  before  his  or  her  departure.  A  member  in  an inpatient status is reimbursed only for the amount of the actual daily charges paid for meals. A member in an outpatient status will receive regular temporary duty per diem  allowances. In some cases, an attendant may be required to travel  with  the  member.  The  attendant  may  be  another member,  a  civilian  employee  of  the  U.S.  Government, or any other person deemed suitable to accompany the member.  Military  members  and  civilian  employees  of the government will be reimbursed according to regular temporary duty entitlements. Other attendants will be reimbursed  actual  expenses  for  transportation,  meals, and lodging, not to exceed the established per diem rate for the area concerned. MEMBERS PERFORMING OFFICIAL RECRUITING DUTY Sometimes the type of duty to which a member is assigned  involves  special  travel  allowances.  Members whose  primary  assignment  is  recruiting  duty  and members  who  recruit  for  the  Reserve  Officer  Training Corps program are entitled to reimbursement for actual and necessary expenses incurred in connection with those  duties. Except   in   unusual   cases,   the   authorized reimbursement will not exceed $75 in any month and is limited  to  the  following  expenses: Snacks,  nonalcoholic  beverages,  and  occasional lunches and dinners when purchased by the member for prospective  recruits,  candidates,  and  their  immediate families, or other individuals who directly assist in the recruiting  effort Parking fees incurred while the member is at itinerary  stops Official telephone calls Purchase   of   photographic   copies   of   vital documents for prospective recruits and candidates, such as  birth  certificates,  school  transcripts,  diplomas,  and registration  certificates Other  small  but  necessary  expenditures  related to recruiting duty for which the member must pay from personal  funds Claims  will  be  submitted  on  a  Claim  for Reimbursement for Expenditures on Official Business, SF 1164. They must contain (or have attached) an itemized  list  of  expenses.  A  receipt  must  support  any item in excess of $25 when it is practical to obtain a receipt.  Failure  to  furnish  receipts  must  be  explained on the voucher. Any item in excess of $25 that is not supported by a receipt (or a statement as to why a receipt is not furnished) will be denied in its entirety. NAVAL ACADEMY MIDSHIPMEN As  a  senior  DK,  you  may  become  involved  in processing special travel allowances claimed by Naval Academy midshipmen. As a general rule, travel claims for  Naval  Academy  midshipmen  are  processed  by  the midshipmen’s  pay  officer.  In  emergency  situations, however,  local  DOs  are  authorized  to  make  travel advances. Entitlement for First PDS Upon  graduation  and  commissioning,  most  travel and transportation entitlements that apply to other personnel en route to their first PDS go into effect for midshipmen. These allowances are from the member’s home or the Academy, as designated by the orders, to the first PDS via any temporary duty stations directed en route (including the Academy in cases involving 3-11

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