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Page Title: Transportation Allowances
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Ship Changes Location while Member is on Authorized Leave or Liberty
Disbursing Clerk 1 & C - Military manual for administrative purposes
Temporary Disability Retired List
facility exists at the new home port, the dependent cannot be relocated to that area. Transportation  Allowances The member or the dependents performing this type of travel will be entitled to one of the following: Transportation  in  kind Reimbursement   for   the   cost   of   personally procured  commercial  transportation An allowance for transportation at the rate of 25¢ per mile for the official distance Government  transportation  will  be  used  to  the maximum   extent   practical. In  no  case  will  the reimbursement e x c e e d the cost of government-procured,  commercial  round-trip  air  travel between the port of overhaul or inactivation and the home port or former home port. When two or more members  or  dependents  travel  together  by  personally owned  conveyance,  only  the  operator  of  the  vehicle  wilt be  entitled  to  the  transportation  allowance.  In  addition, the  amount  allowed  for  any  or  all  dependents  cannot exceed  the  amount  allowed  for  the  member  alone. There  is  no  entitlement  for  any  additional  travel allowances. RECALL FROM LEAVE Another category of special travel can result when a member is recalled from leave. Normally, a member on leave who departs a duty station does so at his or her own risk. That means, if the member is directed by proper authority to return to the duty station after being on leave in excess of 24 hours, the member will bear any  cost  incurred  in  returning.  The  only  time  the government will provide travel allowances is when the member’s authorized leave was canceled under the following   conditions: Authorized leave was canceled because of actual contingency  operations  or  emergency  war operations. Authorized leave of 5 days or more was canceled within 24 hours after the member’s departure from the duty station. Authorized leave of 5 days or more was canceled more than 24 hours after the member’s departure from the duty station. Under the last situation, the member’s CO may authorize   or   approve   the   member’s   return   at government expense. However, it may be authorized only if the recall eliminates a substantial portion of the scheduled leave period or the purpose of the member’s trip is defeated. If the expense is authorized, the member is entitled to the regular temporary duty travel allowances.  The  period  of  entitlement  begins  the  day the member departs from the leave point or place of receipt of the cancellation notice. It ends the day the member returns to the duty station. If the member is authorized to resume leave, allowances are also payable beginning the day the member departs the duty station. The allowances end when the member arrives at a leave point no farther distant from the duty station than the place  at  which  the  member  received  the  orders canceling the leave. CONVALESCENT  LEAVE Convalescent   leave   is   another category   that   entitles   a   member transportation  at  government  expense. special  travel to  round-trip The member is entitled to the expense during recovery from illness or injury incurred during a period of eligibility for the receipt of hostile tire pay or imminent danger pay. Only  one  trip  of  this  nature  is  allowed.  The entitlement  covers  one  trip  from  the  medical  treatment facility to a place selected by the member (provided that place is the location of the member’s immediate family and is within the United States, Puerto Rico, or the U.S. Virgin Islands). It also covers return to the original treatment  facility  or  to  a  different  designated  facility. Selection  of  any  location  outside  of  these  places requires  approval  by  the  Bureau  of  Medicine  and Surgery  (BUMED). To  cover  round-trip  transportation  expenses,  the member  may  select  one  of  the  following  types  of entitlement: Transportation  in  kind Reimbursement  for  the  cost  of  commercial transportation  when  the  member  travels  at personal  expense A monetary allowance of 25¢ per mile for the official  distance Government   transportation   or   government- procured transportation will be furnished and used to the maximum extent practical. Per diem, meal tickets, and  reimbursement  for  meals  and  lodging  are  not 3-10

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