Quantcast Securing a Boat to a Boom

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Page Title: Securing a Boat to a Boom
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Boat Crew Duties
Seaman - Military manual for the Seaman rate
Bow Hooks and Stern Hooks
use, they should be stopped down to the washboard. It is not “shipshape” to stop down only one comer of a side curtain. When running bow into the sea, it is sufficient to haul down the curtains on the weather side, leaving them furled on the lee side. Under all circumstances, the curtains must be stowed neatly in place. For safety, a ready exit from the boat is essential, and curtain stops should  be  broken  easily  from  inside. Coxswains of powerboats must require the stern hook to pay particular attention to the appearance of the boat's stern sheets. Cushion covers must be kept neat and clean. The boat flag, when not in use, should be rolled neatly on its flagstaff and triced up overhead. When a boat is called for the use of commissioned officers, the stern hook should spread the boat cloth neatly in the stern sheets of the boat. The stern hook must see that the foot cloths (or ladder if used) are on the proper side of the boat; that is, the side on which the passengers  are  expected  to  enter. Officers of the deck (OOD) are responsible for the appearance of the ship; and, because they cannot see the ship as it appears from a distance, most will appreciate it  if  the  coxswain  quietly  informs  them  of  any irregularities noticed about the ship. Some examples are items hanging over the sides, loose gun and gun director covers, and Irish pennants. The coxswain should make it a habit to notice such things when returning to the ship. After the coxswain returns from a run and reports to the OOD, the coxswain, when ordered, properly secures the boat to the boat boom, comes aboard, and waits for the next run (see fig. 5-7). The crew must never be allowed to be absent from the boat without proper authority while it is at a landing. The coxswain never permits smoking in boats. When boats are ordered to secure, they are reported as secured to the OOD by the coxswain. The coxswain must know the capacity of the boat in good and bad Figure 5-7.–Securing a boat to a boom. 5-7

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