Quantcast Time Zone Chart of the World

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Page Title: Time Zone Chart of the World
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Figure 1-1.—Time zone chart of the world. Each time zone is different by 1 hour from each of the zones next to it. See figure 1-1. The  initial  time  zone  is  called  zero  and  extends 7 1/2 degrees either side of the zero meridian. The time of this zone is known as Greenwich mean time (GMT), often referred to as Zulu time. Each zone, in turn, is represented by the number that indicates the difference between  the  local  zone  time  and  GMT. ZERO DEGREES LINE Zones lying in longitudes east of zone zero are numbered from 1 to 12. They are designated minus because  the  zone  number  must  be  subtracted  from  local time to obtain GMT. Zones lying in longitudes west of zone zero also are numbered from 1 to 12 but are designated plus, because the zone number must be added to local zone time to obtain GMT. Besides its zone number, each zone is assigned a letter. Zones A through M (J is omitted) are minus zones; zones N through Y are plus zones. The number of a zone, preceded by a plus or minus sign, is the zone description. A    S   I   A PRIME MERIDIAN The 12th zone is divided by the 180th meridian, the minus half lying in east longitude and the plus half in west longitude. This meridian is the international date line, where each worldwide day begins and ends. If a ship crosses going to the west, the date is advanced one day. If a ship crosses the line going to the east, the date becomes  one  day  earlier. GREENWICH  MEANTIME Greenwich mean time (GMT) was adopted so that time may be uniform throughout the military services. This  uniformity  eliminates  any  doubt  about  which  time is used. The designating letter for GMT is Z. (In lettering or printing, a horizontal bar through the riser of the capital letter Z helps prevent its being mistaken for the numeral 2.) In the 24-hour system, the approved method of representing  time  is  with  the  hours  and  minutes expressed as a four-digit group. The first two numbers of the group denote the hour, and the second two, the minutes. Thus, 6:30 a.m. becomes 0630; noon is 1200; 6:30 p.m. is 1830. Midnight is expressed as 0000 or 2400, and 1 minute past midnight becomes 0001. The time designation 1327Z shows that it is 27 minutes past 1-8

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