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Page Title: Assignment 2: 54 - 62
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Assignment 2: 45 - 53
Educational Services Officer (revised) - Military manual for teaching in the military
Assignment 2: 63 - 64
15 2-54. What publication prescribes enlisted skill requirements? 1. The Manual of Navy Enlisted and Personnel Classifications and Occupational Standards 2. The Retention Team Manual 3. The Naval Military Personnel Manual 4. The List of Training Manuals and Correspondence Courses 2-55. Occupational standards and naval standards are fully described in what volume of NAVPERS 18068? 1. Volume I 2. Volume II 3. Volume III 4. Volume IV 2-56. What are occupational standards? 1. The maximum skills required for each rating 2. The minimum skills required for each rating 3. Writing skills required for performing work within a rating 4. The tools required for performing work within a rating 2-57. What are naval standards? 1. The maximum non-rating-specific skills required for enlisted personnel at each paygrade 2. The minimum non-rating-specific skills required for enlisted personnel at each paygrade 3. Non-rating-specific writing skills required for performing work within each paygrade 4. The tools required for performing non- rating-specific work within each paygrade 2-58. Who develops the Bibliography for Advancement Study? 1. The advancement exam writer (a chief petty officer, E-7/8/9) 2. The primary advisor for the rating 3. The technical advisor for the rating 4. An exam instructional systems specialist 2-59. At least how often are Bibliography for Advancement Studies issued? 1. Five times a year 2. Six times a year 3. Three times a year 4. Four times a year 2-60. Bibliography for Advancement Studies are available from which of the following sources? 1. Naval Education and Training Program Development and Technology Center’s web site 2. The Catalog of Nonresident Training Courses 3. Bureau of Naval Personnel web site 4. The Advancement Manual 2-61. Advancement Handbooks are designed to provide which of the following benefits to Sailors? 1. A focus for exam study 2. A replacement for NRTCs 3. A replacement for BIBs 4. An instructional training for exams 2-62. A key word listing of all PQS requirements and PQS supplementary products, their NAVEDTRA numbers, and their key stock numbers are located in what publication? 1. NAVEDTRA 12061 2. NAVEDTRA 43100-5 3. NAVSUP 2002 4. OPNAVINST 5510.1

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