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Page Title: Chapter 14 Office Organization and Management
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Summary - 14134_374
Legalman 3 & 2 - Navy Lawyer / Jag training guide manuals
Administrative Procedures
CHAPTER  14 OFFICE ORGANIZATION AND MANAGEMENT This chapter is designed to give you an insight into both the organizational makeup of naval legal service offices and the major elements that an office manager must deal with to have an effective and well-run office. As a senior LN, you will probably be in charge of a staff judge advocate (SJA) office or a naval legal service office  (NAVLEGSVCOFF  or  NLSO  for  short)  division and  have  a  title  such  as  administrative  supervisor  or administrative assistant. Just because you have reached this level does not mean you can sit back and he a supervisor. To ensure an efficient office, you must be aggressively involved in its operations. Involvement is the key to effective management. Your involvement starts at the top and carries through the entire command structure. You have to know not only your command’s organizational structure but also its mission. How  many  times  during  your  career  have  you experienced  effective  and  ineffective  management techniques by superiors that can only be termed as unforgettable? You should learn from both good and bad experiences. As you progress through your career, apply all your experiences and strive to achieve the best possible  results  from  any  situation. Good office managers keep their minds open and have the ability to make changes when they arc needed. Before you make any changes to your office, you must first  understand  exactly  how  it  operates.  Analyze  the office and the functions it performs in the light of how performance can be improved. You may not be able to change the present organization, nor may you want to; however, you must understand it thoroughly. This is where involvement is important. For instance, there may be many occasions where you will have to perform the  work  as  well  as  supervise  the  work  of  your subordinates. After it is clear in your mind what is to be done  and  by  whom,  you  may  want  to  consider modification,  consolidation,  or  reorganization  of  your office. Knowing how your office currently operates is the  first  step  in  managing  it  yourself.  And  remember that  you  must  always  consider  your  office’s  operation within the larger context of your command’s overall mission. ORGANIZATION OF THE NAVAL LEGAL SERVICE COMMAND The  Deputy  Judge  Advocate  General  of  the  Navy has the additional duty to the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO)   as   the   Commander,   Naval   Legal   Service Command.  In  this  capacity  he  or  she  administers  the legal  services  program  and  provides  command  direction for all naval legal service activities and resources. The Commander,  Naval  Legal  Service  Command  has command over all NLSOs. Each NLSO is headed by a commanding  officer  (CO).  Most  NLSOs  also  have detachment and branch offices under them that are commanded  by  officers  in  charge  (OICs). The primary purpose of the Naval Legal Service Command  and  its  subordinate  offices  is  to  provide necessary legal services to commands and personnel in specified geographical areas. This service is done with a  minimum  of  judge  advocates  through  consolidation  of available  legal  resources  at  locations  with  a  high concentration of naval commands and personnel. It also places  defense  counsel  under  the  authority  of  the Commander, Naval Legal Service Command to nullify any  possibility  of  command  control  in  their  defense  of court-martial  accused. NAVAL LEGAL SERVICE OFFICES NLSOs, under the command of the Commander, Naval Legal Service Command, are placed throughout the  world  to  meet  Navy  needs.  Every  NLSO  provides legal as well as administrative and educational services for  naval  activities  and  personnel  within  its  specified geographical  area. NLSOs provide all necessary legal services and counsel for command legal matters such as military justice, investigations, claims, legal assistance, and administrative  proceedings.  NLSOs  also  perform  the following   functions: l l Provide clerical assistance in the preparation of records and board hearings Process and adjudicate claims within the limits of  assigned  authority 14-1

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