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Page Title: Findings Worksheet
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will grant leave or liberty to the person provided such absence will not prejudice the best interests of the naval service. If the member is being called as a witness for a nongovernmental party only because of performance of official duties, the CO is authorized to issue the member  permissive  orders  at  no  expense  to  the government. FLYERS, WORKSHEETS, SEATING CHARTS, FORM FOR QUESTIONS BY COURT  MEMBERS Depending upon your job assignment, you may be required  to  prepare  some  or  all  of  these  additional pretrial paper work matters. Some are prepared by the court reporter and some by defense or trial paralegals. However, it is essential that you have an understanding of these important pretrial matters. Flyers When you type a flyer, list only those charges and specifications  that  will  be  before  the  members.  Check with  the  TC  before  typing  because  there  might  be changes to the charges and specification that you are not aware  of. The flyer is prepared from the charge sheet before the initial Article 39(a) session and contains all pending charges  and  specifications. The  renumbering  of  specifications  that  you provide   to   the   members   during   preliminary instructions or  voir dire in partial or mixed plea cases is not required because of the administrative problems and  needless  confusion  that  would  be  created. Instruct the members that they are not to speculate as to why the charges and specifications are numbered as they are. Use two separate flyers-one listing only charges and specifications to be litigated on findings and  the  other  reflecting  all  the  charges  and specifications  to  be  presented  to  the  members  for sentencing. If, in such circumstance, the DC desires to inform the members of guilty plea specifications, the record will show that the military judge asked for the views of both counsel and that the DC chose to do so  for  tactical  considerations. If a motion to dismiss or motion for appropriate relief  is  granted  and  the  charges  are  amended  before the seating of the panel, prepare a new flyer to reflect the  amended  charges. The  panel  members  will receive  only  those  specifications  and  charges  that  the accused is to be tried on. Figure 6-17 shows a sample flyer. Findings Worksheet The  MCM  discusses  the  findings  worksheet  in R.C.M.  921,  “Discussion.”    Ordinarily,  a  findings worksheet is provided to the members as an aid to putting the findings in proper form. If the military judge  examines  any  writing  by  the  members,  or otherwise   helps   them   to   put   findings   in   proper form,  this  is  done  in  open  session  and  counsel  is given an opportunity to examine such a writing and to  be  heard  on  any  instructions  the  military  judge may  give. The findings worksheet is designed to assist the president  of  a  court-martial  to  properly  announce  the findings of the court-martial in open session. During an Article 39(a) session, before instructions and argument on findings, counsel for both sides and the military judge decide  whether  or  not  they  feel  that  a  lesser  included offense  contained  within  the  charged  offenses  has  been raised during the trial. After this Article 39(a) session, if  required,  a  modified  findings  worksheet  is  prepared to  reflect  the  decision  of  the  court  as  to  possible exceptions  and  substitutions  or  violations  of  offenses other than those charged. The findings  worksheet is generally prepared by the TC  who  should  take  care  that  it  is  tailored  to  the individual   case. (Format  for  findings  is  shown  in appendix  10  of  the  MCM.)  A  sample  findings worksheet is shown in figure 6-18. The worksheet is marked  as  in  appellate  exhibit  and  attached  to  the  record of trial. In  preparing  the  worksheet,  each  specification  is addressed individually, as well as the charge. It is proper  to  allow  for  acquittal  of  all  charges  and specifications  before  allowing  for  conviction  of  all charges  and  specifictions. This  is  also  true  for allowing  the  members  to  select  Not  Guilty  before Guilty so as not to show prejudice toward the guilt of the  accused. If the accused pled to a lesser included offense, the members must be informed of that plea since it admits some essential elements that the government would otherwise  have  to  prove. Do not enter findings in a member’s trial on a lesser included offense plea unless the prosecution does not intend to prove the greater offense. If members will decide between the greater and lesser offense, then tailor the worksheet to limit their findings to those choices. 6-26

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