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Page Title: Individual Military Counsel
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Sample Order to Testify - 14134_172
Legalman 3 & 2 - Navy Lawyer / Jag training guide manuals
Witnesses - 14134_174
After a civilian witness immunized has testified, provide the following information to the United States Department of Justice, Criminal Division, Immunity Unit, Washington, DC 20530, via JAG: .   Name,   citation,    or   other   identifying information  of  the  proceeding  in  which  the  order  was requested . Date of the examination of the witness . Name and residence address of the witness .  Whether  the  witness  invoked  the  privilege against   self-incrimination . Whether the immunity order was used . Whether the witness testified pursuant to the order .  If  the  witness  refused  to  comply  with  the  order, whether  contempt  proceedings  were  instituted,  or  are contemplated,   and   the   result   of   the   contempt proceeding,  if  concluded Provide  a  copy  of  this  correspondence  with  a verbatim transcript of the witness’ testimony, properly authenticated by the military judge, to JAG at the conclusion of the trial. No testimony given by a civilian witness following an order to testify can be used against him or her in any criminal case, except a prosecution for perjury,  giving  a  false  statement,  or  failing  to  comply with the order in some other manner. In   all   cases   involving   national   security   or foreign relations of the United States, the cognizant OEGCMJ sends in the form prescribed in the  JAG Manual,  section  0139,  any  proposed  grant  of immunity   to   JAG   for   consultation   with   the Department of Justice. Forms of Grants of Immunity In  any  case  that  a  military  witness  is  granted transactional immunity, the GCM CA executes a written grant in the form set forth in the JAG Manual,  appendix A-1-i(1). In  any  case  that  a  witness  is  granted testimonial immunity, the GCM CA executes a written grant in the form set forth in the JAG Manual,  appendix A-1-i(2). REQUEST FOR INDIVIDUAL MILITARY COUNSEL AND WITNESSES An accused has the right to request representation by a military counsel of his or her own choosing at an SPCM or a GCM. The accused also has the right to request any witnesses desired for his or her defense to be  made  available  for  the  court-martial. Individual  Military  Counsel An accused has the right to be represented before a GCM or an SPCM by civilian counsel and either by the military  counsel  detailed  to  him  or  her  or  by  military counsel of the accused’s own selection, if reasonably available.  An  accused  may  request  a  determination  of the availability of only one individual military counsel at a time. A request for a specific individual military counsel should be in writing, showing the duties and location of the  requested  counsel,  if  known.  The  request  must clearly state whether there is an existing attorney-client relationship between the accused and the requested military counsel regarding the charge(s) in question. The request also must indicate whether the requested military counsel has any unique or special qualifications pertinent  to  the  case  and  specify  those  qualifications  in the request. The accused or the detailed DC makes the request and submits it through the TC, if any, to the CA. If the requested military counsel is a member of the Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, or Navy and there is no claim  of  an  existing  authorized  attorney-client relationship regarding the charge(s) in question, the CA will promptly deny the request and inform the accused in writing. In all other cases, the CA sends the request to the commander of the requested counsel. For counsel assigned   to   a   naval   legal   service   office   (NLSO) detachment, the commander of such counsel is the CO of the cognizant NLSO. The CA provides that authority with the following information: (1)  the  nature  and  complexity  of  the charges and legal issues involved in the case; (2) the estimated duration of the necessary absence (travel, preparation, and participation in the proceeding); (3) the experience level and any special or unique qualifications of  the  detailed  DC;  and  (4)  other  information  or comments that are appropriate. The  commander  of  the  requested  military  counsel determines whether such counsel will be reasonably available. In  making  that  determination,  the commander assesses the impact upon the command should  the  requested  counsel  be  made  available.  The commander may consider, among others, the following factors: (1) the anticipated duties and workload of the requested military counsel including authorized leave; (2) the estimated duration of the necessary absences; (3) 6-21

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