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Page Title: Preventive Law Program
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Representation of Opposing Parties or Interests - 14134_304
Legalman 3 & 2 - Navy Lawyer / Jag training guide manuals
Legal, Assistance Records, Files, and Reports
c Active duty military personnel in paygrades E-3 and  below  without  dependents. . Active duty military personnel in paygrades E-4 and  below,  with  dependents.  Their  dependents  are  also eligible. l Other active duty military personnel of higher paygrades and their dependents who are unable to afford an attorney without substantial financial hardship. Representation under the expanded legal assistance program of persons in this category must be approved by JAG. THE  PREVENTIVE  LAW  PROGRAM The  preventive  law  program  is  an  integral  part  of the  Department  of  the  Navy  legal  assistance  program and is intended to decrease the number of personal legal problems  confronting  military  personnel  and  their families. The preventive law program is intended to help in avoiding noncriminal legal problems and to help prevent  the  recurrence  and  proliferation  of  legal problems affecting commands or installations. When a legal problem with widespread implications for morale or discipline arises, the legal assistance area coordinator must make sure all methods are used to highlight and resolve  the  problem. The  preventive  law  program  requires  full communication   and   cooperation   among   all   judge advocates  and  civilian  attorneys  in  the  Department  of the Navy and necessitates specific coordination with appropriate civilian officials. It  is  the  goal  of  the program to improve the overall readiness, efficiency, and  performance  of  military  members  of  the Department  of  the  Navy  by  enhancing  morale  and discipline  through  training  and  information. In addition to improving overall mission readiness, other  objectives  include  the  following: l l l Educating  persons  to  recognize  potential  legal problems so professional legal counsel is sought before  problems  arise Providing COs and their personnel with a broad channel of communication on legal assistance matters Encouraging  obedience  to  the  law  through self-discipline Program responsibilities are generally the same as for   the   legal   assistance   program.   Attorneys participating in preventive law services such as unit education,  training,  legal  assistance  checkups,  and briefings  need  to  make  sure  eligible  personnel  are informed  about  the  following: l l l l l l Counseling services available through the legal assistance  program The importance of seeking legal advice before taking  action  on  important  matters  such  as signing purchase agreements, contracts, leases, or  divorce  settlements Rights, privileges, and responsibilities arising from laws concerning the member The  importance  and  method  of  adequately preparing  legal  affairs  before  a  deployment Rights, privileges, and responsibilities of the member  as  a  consumer The  expanded  legal  assistance  program LIAISON WITH OTHER GOVERNMENT  AGENCIES A working relationship between the legal assistance office  and  certain  government  agencies  should  be established. Where  there  are  frequent  dealings, personal  contact  should  be  made.  These  agencies include  the  following: . IRS and state tax agencies—Many tax rules and policies apply only to the military. Special information relative to service members’ status should be gathered, and a supply of all the pertinent tax forms should be maintained  in  the  office. l  Social Security Administration—Social Security rules  and  regulations  are  of  special  interest  to  career service members, retired service members and their dependents,  and  also  dependents  of  deceased  service members. A supply of (he several brochures issued by the  Social  Security  Administration  should  be maintained. .  Department  of  Veterans  Affairs—A  working knowledge of the VA procedures is especially important. . Department of Justice—The Justice Department is responsible for enforcing the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Civil Relief Act and the Civil Rights Act on behalf of the  U.S.  Government  and  its  agents  and  service members. Liaison with the attorneys in the Justice Department  who  are  assigned  to  such  duties  will encourage proper enforcement under the Soliders’ and 11-7

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