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Page Title: Authentication of the Record
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Records of Trial and Contents General and Special Cout-Martials
Legalman 1 & C - Navy Lawyer / Jag training guide manuals
Summarized Records of Trial
14. Requests by counsel and action taken by the CA; for example, requests about delay, witnesses, and depositions. 15. Records of former trials. 16. Record of trial proper in the following order: a. Errata sheet, if any. b.  Index  sheet  with  the  reverse  side  showing receipt  by  the  accused  or  the  DC  for  a  copy  of  the record  or  a  certificate  in  lieu  of  receipt. c. Record of proceedings in court, including Article  39(a)  sessions,  if  any. d.   Authentication   sheet,   followed   by certificate  of  correction,  if  any. c.  Action  of  the  CA  and,  if  appropriate, action  of  the  OEGCMJ. f.  Exhibits  admitted  in  evidence.  Order  is prosecution  and  defense. g.  Exhibits  not  received  in  evidence.  You must note the page of the record of trial where each exhibit was offered and rejected on the front bottom of  each  exhibit  as  shown: Offered  Page /Not  Admitted  Page h.   Appellate   exhibits.   These   can   include proposed   instructions,   written   offers   of   proof   or preliminary  evidence  (real  or  documentary),  and briefs of counsel submitted at trial. i. Back cover sheet. The TC is ultimately responsible for arranging the record as indicated, except that items 7, 8, and 16e are inserted by the convening or reviewing authority, as appropriate, and items 11 and 15 are inserted by either the  TC  or  the  convening  or  reviewing  authority, whichever  has  custody  of  them. AUTHENTICATION OF THE RECORD A record is authenticated by the signature of a person   specified   who   declares   that   the   record accurately  reports  the  proceedings.  No  person  may  be required to authenticate a record of trial if he or she is not  satisfied  that  it  accurately  reports  the  proceedings. In SPCMs where a BCD has been adjudged and in all GCMs the military judge present at the end of the proceedings authenticates the record of trial, or that portion  over  which  the  military  judge  presided.  If more  than  one  military  judge  presided  over  the proceedings,  each  military  judge  authenticates  the record of proceedings over which that military judge presided. If  the  military  judge  cannot  authenticate  the record of trial because of his or her death, disability, or  absence,  the  TC  present  at  the  end  of  the proceedings authenticates the record of trial. If the TC cannot authenticate the record of trial because of his  or  her  death,  disability,  or  absence,  a  member authenticates the record of trial. In a court-martial composed of a military judge alone, or as to sessions without members, the court reporter authenticates the record  of  trial  when  this  duty  would  fall  upon  a member. A person authorized to authenticate a record may   authenticate   the   record   only   as   to   those proceedings at which that person was present. In an SCM  the  SCM  officer  authenticates  the  record  of trial. CORRECTION  OF  THE  RECORD In GCMs and SPCMs the TC examines the record of   trial   before   authentication   and   causes   those changes to be made that are necessary to report the proceedings   accurately. The TC cannot change the record  after  authentication. The  TC  may  personally  correct  and  initial  the necessary  changes.  If the TC will direct the record  of  trial  or  the defective. The TC must make major  changes  are  necessary, reporter  to  rewrite  the  entire portion  of  the  record  that  is sure the reporter makes a true, complete, and accurate record of the proceedings so the record will meet the applicable requirements. After you send the record to the CA, the record may  be  corrected  only  by  a  certificate  of  correction  or proceedings in revision. These two procedures are discussed  later  in  this  chapter. SERVICE OF THE RECORD OF TRIAL In each GCM and SPCM you must serve a copy of the record of trial on the accused as soon as the record of trial is authenticated. 3-16

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