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Page Title: Setting Up for Special Events
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Serving  Beverages
Mess Management Specialist 1 & C - Military manual for maintaining a mess hall
Chapter 10 Quarters Afloat and Ashore - 14163_223
The third guideline is that the order of service for beverages is the same as that for the serving of foods. The fourth guideline is not to fill serving pitchers to the top when used for filling glasses or cups at the dining table. A third pitcher is difficult to handle and feels quite heavy after a while. Therefore, pitchers should be filled between one-half and two-thirds full. Finally,  you  must  remember  that  each  wardroom mess may have certain rules for serving beverages. The wardroom supervisor should be asked about these rules. AFTER THE MEAL You should immediately restore the wardroom to its pre-meal  condition  as  soon  as  possible  after  the  meal. Some helpful suggestions are as follows: .  Clear  the  table  as  soon  as  all  officers  have finished eating and have left the table. . Remove all meal items from the sideboard and return all dishes, silverware, and ashtrays to the pantry for  washing. . Refill the salt and pepper shakers as needed and store them in the pantry. . Remove buffet serving line items. . Inspect the napkins and place the soiled ones in the laundry. Refold those suitable for reuse and replace them  in  their  respective  napkin  rings  (when  they  are used) and store in the napkin storage area. Single- service paper napkins are being used in many private messes for regular meals and cloth napkins are used only for  more  formal  occasions. . Brush the crumbs from the tablecloth. Be careful not to rub food particles into the fabric. . Shake the cloth out lightly and refold it along its original  creases. Reroll or refold the silence pad as appropriate, and store it with the tablecloth. l Clean tables, sideboard, and chairs. .  Replace  the  table  cover. . Vacuum and sweep the deck of the wardroom. SETTING UP FOR SPECIAL EVENTS Navy  commands  traditionally  sponsor  events  and ceremonies to acknowledge noteworthy accomplish- ments and achievements of Navy personnel. Command functions    recognizing    personnel    promotions, reenlistments,   retirements,   command   milestones, changes of command, and other similar events are vital to  morale  and  tradition.  These  events  usually  include  a reception which provides light refreshments of some variety. As an MS, you will probably get tasked to provide your in-rate skill to help plan and prepare for the event, regardless  of  the  occasion.  This  is  especially  so  if  food is involved. For example, you may be asked to decorate a special cake for the event. You may be tasked to prepare a special menu, which includes hors d’oeuvres and refreshments. Some  planning  factors  you  should  consider  are theme  determined  by  the  occasion  or  event  being planned and the number of guests that will be present. You also should consider the season and time of day. Arrange for indoor facilities if it is expected to rain or to be cold. You  should  make  sure  the  facility  chosen  is available when needed and that it includes the necessary space   or   capacity. You  should  inquire  into  the availability of all needed supplies and needed capable personnel. Coordinate with other activities on the base to make sure other events are not scheduled that will conflict with yours. You can avoid last-minute confusion and delays by preparing a master plan after the event has been planned in detail. Review this plan with all personnel who will be  involved  with  the  preparation  and  service.  During the  review,  give  personnel  specific  instructions  on  all assigned  tasks.   After the review, post the master plan where  involved  personnel  can  refer  to  it. Check all necessity items of equipment to make sure they are functioning properly. The person in charge should check on chairs tables, podiums, and so on to make sure an adequate number is available on the scheduled  date. 9-18

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