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Page Title: Interviewing Potential Attrites
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Positive Reinforcement
Navy Counselor 1 & C (Recruiter) - Military manual for recruiting
Time Management
Use Report Program Each  month,  the  district  should  provide  ZSs  with an updated copy of the REPORT program printout which  is  a  shipping  list.  ZSs  should  verify  their shippers  by  name  with  each  RINC.  Most  districts  use a  DEP  update  sheet  that  the  member  fills  out  to answer  updated  BEERs  questions.  These  can  be checked  off  against  the  REPORT  printout  as  they  are received. Interviewing Potential Attrites Potential attrites must be brought to the attention of  the  RINC,  ZS,  and  NRD  chain  of  command  as soon as they are identified. An interview should be scheduled starting with the RINC and advancing up the chain of command, if required. Before you meet with  a  potential  attrite,  carefully  review  all blueprinting  information  available  on  the  P-card  and talk with the recruiter of record. When talking with potential  attrites,  calmly  ask  open-ended  questions  to determine the nature of the problem. Determine what assistance the recruiter is providing. Do not attempt to overcome any objections over the phone. You need to schedule a face-to-face meeting. On meeting with the  potential  attrite,  continue  to  blueprint  to  determine if the problem can be resolved. You may have to use stronger than usual blueprinting techniques at this point  as  some  potential  attrites  have  had  a  change  in eligibility that they may not want to reveal. Review want,  need,  and  dominant  buying  motive.  People’s priorities and plans do change. For example, the DEP member may have originally been sold on travel and excitement but now has decided that an education is more important. Use sales techniques to resell and remotivate the potential attrite. Coercion should never be employed to save a shipper. DEP Events Monthly DEP meetings are required and should be used for training and referral generation. Other events can   add   to   the   effectiveness   of   your   DEP.   The following  ideas  are  only  a  start.  Have  your  recruiters suggest  what  events  they  might  like  to  conduct.  Then ask the DEP personnel what activities they would like to be a part of. DEP  FAMILY  NIGHTS.–  DEP  family  nights have  proven  to  be  an  asset  to  DEP  programs.  A meeting  is  held  with  all  DEP  members  and  their families  are  invited.  Topics  that  are  normally  covered include recruit training, Red Cross emergency liaison, educational benefits, pay and allowances, medical and dental benefits, and referral recognition programs. Guest  speakers  might  include  the  chain  of  command, recruit  company  commanders,  Red  Cross  military representatives,  health  benefits  advisors,  and  recent recruits who are home on leave. Invited guests can include   undecided   prospects   and   their   families, educators,  or  potential  COIs.  Serve  refreshments  and make the presentation as organized and professional as possible. These family nights can go a long way in calming the fear of the unknown in the minds of DEP members   and   their   families. After   a   detailed discussion of DEP advancements for referrals, don’t be surprised if parents start calling with names and numbers.  They  may  realize  the  advantage  of  the advancement more clearly than their offspring. These DEP  family  nights  are  most  effective  as  zone functions   if   logistics   will   permit.   This   increases attendance, creating confidence in numbers. It also provides  more  efficient  use  of  guest  speakers. CENTER OF INFLUENCE EVENTS.– Funds are available for the entertainment of COIs. Invite COIs  who  have  been  helpful  as  well  as  those  you  are beginning to cultivate. Civic and business leaders, educators,  members  of  professional  groups,  groups  of prospective  Navy  applicants,  high  school  coaches, media representatives, high school or college students identified  as  leaders,  and  other  influential  groups  all qualify  for  invitation  to  COI  events.  Approval  for COI  events  must  be  obtained  in  advance  from  the cognizant  Commander,  Navy  Recruiting  Area (CNRA). No event should exceed $1,000, with a per person limit of $7 for breakfast, $8 for lunch, and $11 for dinner. Contractors must agree not to charge for no-shows. A   Navy   disbursing   office   will   make payment directly to the vendor for approved events. Recruiters may not fund these events themselves and seek  out-of-pocket-expense  (OPE)  reimbursement. REGULAR DEP EVENT.–  Regular  DEP  events are informal gatherings that require advance approval by the cognizant CNRA. DEP functions are limited to a maximum of $500, not to exceed $8 per person. As  with  COI  events,  purchase  orders  are  required  for contracting regular DEP events, contractors must agree not  to  charge  for  no-shows,  and  all  payments  are made  directly  to  the  vendor  by  a  Navy  disbursing office. Immediate family members are authorized a one-time  attendance  at  regular  DEP  events  requiring funding. 8-19

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