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Page Title: Stress Management
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Putting it all Together
Navy Counselor 1 & C (Recruiter) - Military manual for recruiting
Three Basic Premises of Stress
Next,  Petty  Officer  Storm  needs  to  establish  a STRESS ON RECRUITING DUTY method  to  document  and  analyze  the  results  and progress  of  these  activities  and  changes.  He  agrees  to Why  do  so  many  recruiters  feel  stressed?  Is  it review  them  weekly  with  the  RINC  in  addition  to  the sales, quotas, or being away from the sea? A variety daily production reviews. During those reviews, they of   factors   contribute   to   the   high   stress   level   of will  adjust  activities  and  make  changes  if  his recruiting duty. Let’s  look  at  a  few  to  better milestones are not met. understand what our recruiters are facing. Now  Petty  Officer  Storm  has  a  realistic  goal:  I will be meritoriously advanced at the end of this fiscal year. I  am  currently  eligible  for  meritorious advancement   competition. I  currently  average  2.8 contracts  per  month  and  maintain  65  percent  A  cells. I will adjust my itinerary to include the junior college, which  I  will  heavily  preprospect. I  will  attend training with the RINC to improve my skills in the conviction  step  of  the  sale.  I  will  develop  one  new COI per month. These activities and changes will increase my productivity to 3.5 contracts per month with 70 percent overall A cells. I will review these activities each Friday with the RINC in addition to daily  production  reviews.    If milestones are not met, I will readjust activities. You should follow through by encouraging Petty Officer Storm at each visit. Check on his milestone attainment. Congratulate   each   short-term   goal attainment within his plan. Let others know of his goal  and  progress.    Not only can it be supportive to Petty Officer Storm, but it also may encourage them to follow his example. You may even want to tack a BM1 crow to the bulkhead beside his desk as a daily reminder. STRESS  MANAGEMENT Managing stress on recruiting duty can mean the difference  between  a challenging, rewarding assignment and one fraught with frustration and anger. As a recruiting manager, it is important for you to understand how stress affects people and why. Most people   view   stress   as   something   negative   and overwhelming.  We  want  to  emphasize  the  positive aspects   of   stress.   Stress  is n inevitable a nd manageable   component of successful performance. The  absence  of  stress  is  death.  Our  goal  in  stress management is not to remove stress from our lives, but to learn to stress for success. Turn the enemy into an ally. A New Job A major university conducted a survey that asked people  to  list  what  caused  the  most  stress  in  their lives. The second most frequent answer was a new job. So,  everyone  feels  stress  at  a  new  job. Recruiters face an even more stressful situation. They were  experts  in  their  field,  accustomed  to  supervising and  training  others. Now  they  are  novices  again, learning  the  ropes  of  Navy  recruiting. Moving Along  with  the  new  job  comes  the  physical  move. Anyone who has made a PCS move understands the stress involved. Recruiters and their families are uprooted  from  family  and  friends.  They  may  be accustomed  to  moving  every  3  or  4  years,  but  now they are moving into an area where they may be the only military around. Those instant friendships that come  from  belonging  to  the  Navy  family  are  no longer  there. Less Structured Environment Many young sailors are used to having their time pretty much laid out for them. Plans of the day, work orders,  and  supervisor  instructions  guide  them  through the  normal  workday.  Now,  they  are  required  to  setup their own plan each day, decide on prospecting modes, and  make  their  own  time  management  decisions. More  Accountability Recruiting also necessitates more accountability than  some  rates  are  use  to.  Production  reviews require  the  recruiter  to  account  for  productivity  tiny. Vehicle  usage  must  be  accounted  for.  Most  important in their job as a recruiter, they are accountable for the preenlistment  paper  work  and  processing  of  Navy applicants. 3-12

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