Quantcast Address Format (Continued)

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Page Title: Address Format (Continued)
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Monitoring Official Mail/Address Format
Official Mail Management - Military guide to working in a post office
Inspections - 14198_58
l l l Assign  street  addresses  and/or  numbers  to  all buildings to which USPS currently delivers mail Provide   tenant   activities   and   local   USPS officials with new official addresses Provide   new   official   mailing   addresses (including tenant activities addresses) to CNO (N09B22)  for  inclusion  in  the  Standard  Navy Distribution List (SNDL) Official mail addresses (both delivery and return) will be typed in uppercase letters, limited to five lines, formatted with a uniform left margin, and be limited to  a  maximum  of  47  characters  per  line  including spaces. The only authorized punctuation is the hyphen (-) in the ZIP+4 Code. Following is an example of an official mail address: TITLE  OF  OFFICIAL  IN  CHARGE OPTIONAL  LINE NAME  OF  ACTIVITY DELIVERY   ADDRESS CITY  STATE  ZIP+4  CODE The lines of an official mail address are discussed in the following paragraphs: Title of Official in Charge —Navy  correspondence will  be  addressed  to  the  official  in  charge  of  the activity (such as Director, Commander, Commanding Officer,   and   so   forth).   When   known,   the   action officer’s name may be placed at the end of this line or an  optional  line  may  be  used  to  identify  a  specific person or section within the activity. Optional Line —This line may be used to direct mail to a specific person or section when the name of the activity line and the title of official in charge line do not adequately identify the addressee. Name of Activity  —Although  the  long  title  will still  appear  in  the  Standard  Navy  Distribution  List (SNDL), for addressing purposes, the short title Plain Language Address (PLA), less city and state, will be used.  For  example,  the  activity  line  for  Commander, Naval  Supply  Systems  Command,  will  be  addressed “COMNAVSUPSYSCOM.” Delivery   Address—This  line,  except  for  ships, will consist of either a street address, post office box number,  postal  service  center  number,  and  box  number or unit number. Examples Street Address: 1775 JOHN PAUL JONES BLVD Post  Office  Box  Number:  PO  BOX  405 Postal Service Center Number: 4 PSC 467 BOX 291 Unit  Number:  UNIT  30001 Unit Number with Box Number: UNIT 62001 BOX 426 City, State, ZIP+4 Code —The post office (city), state and ZIP+4 will appear in that order on the bottom line  of  the  address.  Except  for  MPO  addresses,  the standard  two-letter  abbreviation  will  be  used  for  the state. In the case of MPO addresses, APO or FPO is used  instead  of  the  city  and  “AE”  (Armed  Forces Europe),  “AA”  (Armed  Forces  Americas),  or  “AP” Armed Forces Pacific) rather than the state. Examples Civilian  Post  Office  Address: Military  Post  Office  Address: Q6. Q7. Q8. NORFOLK VA 23511-5218 FPO  AE  09501-4665 FPO  AA  34093-2329 FPO  AP  96349-1100 The  delivery  address  on  official  mail  will  be typed or printed by mechanical means with what exception? Official mail addresses are limited to how many lines? In the case of MPO addresses, what acronyms are used in place of the state? PREPAID  POSTAGE  REPORT Semiannually, 1 October through 31 March and 1 April  through  30  September,  all  commands  having direct  financial  dealings  with  USPS  will  report  all official  mail  purchases  to  their  major  claimant  using the  Navy  Official  Mail  Management  Instructions, OPNAVINST 5218.7, chapter 2, paragraph C6. Major claimants will consolidate the official mail purchase  information  pertaining  to  their  claimancy i n t o    a    s i n g l e    r e p o r t    a n d    f o r w a r d    i t    t o COMNAVSUPSYSCOM  (SUP  54)  to  arrive  by  15 May and 15 November of each year. COMNAVSUPSYSCOM   will   consolidate   the information  received  from  the  major  claimants  and 5-3

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