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Page Title: Active Obligated Service
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Figure 9-10.—Certificate of Permanent Appointment, Chief, Senior Chief, and Master Chief Petty Officer, NAVPERS 1430/32 (USN). t o u r r e q u i r e m e n t s a r e n o t e l i g i b l e f or Always refer to the ENLTRANSMAN to verify the TEMDUINS/DUINS transfer before the projected service school eligibility requirements since they could rotation date (PRD). change in the future. Candidates must be willing to incur sufficient active obligated service according to chapter 7 of the RECRUIT INPUT ENLTRANSMAN and be eligible to extend or reenlist according to the Reenlistment Quality Control Recruits are assigned to class “A” school by the Program, OPNAVINST 1160.5. Deputy, CHNAVPERS. Based on BUPERS established 9-13 (USN)
Personnelman 3 & 2 - Military manual for government personnel administration
Assignment of Enlisted Personnel to Special Programs
standards, some recruits are granted an Armed Services Vocational  Aptitude  Battery  (ASVAB)  test  score  waiver for assignment to class “A” school. REQUESTS FOR WAIVER OF ELIGIBILITY  REQUIREMENTS  AND COMMAND ACTION ON RECEIPT OF WAIVER APPROVAL Waiver  of  eligibility  requirements  (except requirements involving security clearance, obligated service  [OBLISERV],  requisite  training  and/or  physical standards  for  personal  safety,  and  urinalysis  testing) may be requested for individuals who have exceptional potential. Waiver requests should be submitted in the CO’s endorsement to the quota request and should include  the  following: l  Specific  deficiency  and  full  justification  for waiver. In case of test score waiver, all available scores should be listed separately. . Length of time the member has been striking for the  rating  for  which  training  is  requested  and/or comments concerning the member’s civilian experience as it relates to the requested course of instruction. .  Evaluation  of  the  member’s  overall  potential  to the Navy, including the member’s career intentions and leadership  potential. l Courses the individual has completed that will enhance  the  prospect  of  successful  school  completion When  a  waiver  has  been  granted,  an  appropriate Administrative  Remarks,  NAVPERS  1070/613  entry, must be made in the individual’s service record before he or she transfers to the school. ACTIVE  OBLIGATED  SERVICE Active OBLISERV for class “A” and “C” schools and  factory/contractor  training  is  computed  from  the class  convening  date  and  must  be  incurred  before transfer  to  the  school  by  executing  an  extension agreement. A page 13 entry is not acceptable except if monetary loss of selective reenlistment bonus (SRB) will result from a hard extension. Chapter 7 of the ENLTRANSMAN contains the OBLISERV  requirement  for  the  “A”  and  “C”  school  and factory/contractor  training  which,  of  course,  depends  on the length of training. In the event a student instruction  in  less  than  the completes  the  course  of scheduled  course  length, 9-14 initial   OBLISERV   may   be   reduced   to   that corresponding to the actual time spent under instruction. Forward  correspondence  requesting  adjustment  of OBLISERV  under  such  circumstances  to  BUPERS (PERS 243) with certified copies of all page 4s, both front and back. In addition to the previous requirements, a member acquiring  an  additional  OBLISERV  for  a  course  of instruction must also execute and sign a page 13 entry of  understanding  concerning  OBLISERV  payback  for disenrollment. This page 13 entry is found in chapter 7 of  the  ENLTRANSMAN. Additional  information  concerning  OBLISERV  in other situations concerning this subject is contained in chapter 7 of the ENLTRANSMAN. DEFINITIONS OF TYPES OF SCHOOL QUOTAS The  types  of  quotas  assigned  to  attend  service schools are listed in the following paragraphs. Temporary Additional Duty Under Instruction TEMADDINS   quotas   are   assigned   only   for personnel ordered to courses of instruction of less than 20 weeks’ duration when it is appropriate that the member  be  returned  to  the  originating  command. Provided a valid billet requirement will exist at the current command for the member on completion of training, the assignment of the member to school will normally be made on a TEMADDINS quota. Temporary Duty Under Instruction (TEMDUINS) Personnel  assigned  quotas  to  courses  of  instruction of less than 20 weeks; duration in connection with a permanent change of station (PCS) are assigned to their ultimate  permanent  duty  station  (PDS)  in  one  of  two ways: l  Transfer  directives  issued  indicate  that  the ultimate duty station will be assigned on completion of schooling.  These  personnel  are  transferred  for TEMDUINS  and  are  made  available  on  completion  of schooling for further assignment by BUPERS. . Transfer directives issued include a PDS. These personnel  are  transferred  on  completion  of  schooling  to the PDS included in the transfer directives.

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