Quantcast Assignment of Enlisted Personnel to Special Programs

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Page Title: Assignment of Enlisted Personnel to Special Programs
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Active Obligated Service
Personnelman 3 & 2 - Military manual for government personnel administration
Brig Unit Staff Selection and Training
Duty Under Instruction (DUINS) All personnel assigned quotas to a course or courses of  instruction  of  20  weeks’  duration  or  longer  are transferred   for   DUINS,   which   is   considered   a permanent change of duty. On completion of schooling, these personnel are assigned a new PDS by BUPERS. Determination of Change of Status From TEMDUINS to DUINS Orders to a course scheduled for less than 20 weeks constitute a temporary assignment. In some instances, unforeseen  delays  extend  a  scheduled  course  beyond  20 weeks. The possibility of unforeseen delays does not change the fact that the orders, based on the scheduled length of the course, constitute a temporary assignment. However, temporary duty allowances are no longer payable after receipt of an order modification to DUINS as this constitutes a PCS transfer. BUPERS is the determining authority for cases not covered by the previous  paragraph. Refer  to  chapter  7  of  the  ENLTRANSMAN  for additional  information  concerning  service  schools. ASSIGNMENT OF ENLISTED PERSONNEL TO SPECIAL PROGRAMS To provide for the ever-increasing complexity of the Navy’s  mission,  it  is  frequently  necessary  to  establish special programs to perform support functions requiring skills  not  identified  by  existing  ratings. This section briefly discusses some of the special programs available for enlisted personnel. Be aware, however, that there are additional special programs available to enlisted service members and that they are contained   in   chapter   9   of   the   ENLTRANSMAN, NAVPERS  15909.  In  particular  this  section  discusses the  Navy  Food  Management  Teams;  Physical Security-Law  Enforcement  Specialist;  Brig  Unit  Staff Selection and Training; Command Career Counselor Program; U.S. Navy Ceremonial Guard; Naval Aircrew Program; Yeoman (YN)/Personnelman (PN) Incentives for  Washington,  DC;  Flag  Officer  Writer  and  Staff Writer; and the Personnel Exchange Program (PEP). You  should  became  familiar  with  the  special programs contained in this TRAMAN and in chapter 9 of   the   ENLTRANSMAN.   You   should   be   able   to determine  and  identify  additional  reference  sources  you need  to  review  for  the  most  current  information concerning these programs. It  must  be  noted  that  COs  are  responsible  for carefully  screening  personnel  under  consideration  for assignment  to  special  programs  and  for  providing the Deputy, CHNAVPERS, with a recommendation for  determining  a  member’s  suitability  for  the assignment. Candidates are identified either through nomination messages  or  assignment  directives,  depending  on  the program   involved. On   receipt   of   nominator correspondence,  COs  review  member’s  qualifications, background,  and  personal  traits  to  determine  eligibility according  to  chapter  9  of  the  ENLTRANSMAN  and  any additional   criteria   cited   in   the   nominator correspondence. COs   must   respond   within   10   working   days, providing   any   requested   information   and recommendation  of  suitability.  Specific  reasons  for disqualification   and/or   waiver   requests   must   be included with the CO’s response. NAVY FOOD MANAGEMENT TEAMS The   Navy   Food   Management   Teams   provide technical   and   management   assistance   to   Mess Management Specialists in the operation of enlisted messing  facilities  and  afloat  officer  messing  facilities with on-the-job instruction in areas of food preparation and  service,  mess  management,  and  sanitation.  Their mission is to assist both fleet units and shore activities in the improvement of foodservice operations staffed with Navy Mess Management Specialists. These teams are  located  at  Norfolk,  Virginia;  Charleston,  South Carolina; Mayport, Florida; San Diego, California; and Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. PHYSICAL  SECURITY-LAW ENFORCEMENT  SPECIALIST The Physical Security-Law Enforcement Specialist performs  specialized  duties  in  internal  security  at installations and facilities as a member of the Navy Internal  Security  Force.  The  Law  Enforcement Specialist provides security for restricted areas; controls entry  and  exit  of  military  and  civilian  personnel, vehicles  and  other  equipment  at  access  points  to restricted areas; and patrols property concentration areas  on  foot  and  using  vehicles.  The  Law  Enforcement Specialist also conducts auto accident scene and traffic control, crime investigation, crime scene control and criminal  apprehension,  and  provides  written  reports. He or she additionally enforces general and special orders  and  regulations  applicable  to  the  area  of 9-15

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