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Page Title: Brig Unit Staff Selection and Training
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Assignment of Enlisted Personnel to Special Programs
Personnelman 3 & 2 - Military manual for government personnel administration
Educational Programs and Navy Campus
operations and performs convoy escort and defense against intrusion by hostile elements, riot, or other unusual  circumstances. Qualities  of  prospective  Law  Enforcement Specialists,  such  as  good  common  sense,  sound judgment,  initiative,  and  unquestioned  reliability  and honesty,  are  essential  to  mission  accomplishment. Personnel selected for assignment to Physical Security Duty are ordered via 6 weeks at the Law Enforcement Specialist  Training  School  located  at  Lackland  Air Force Base (AFB) in San Antonio, Texas. All graduates earn  the  Law  Enforcement  Specialist  Navy  NEC  code 9545. It is imperative that the qualifications listed in the ENLTRANSMAN  be  met  to  make  sure  members ordered to these billets are of the highest caliber and are temperamentally  suited  for  police  duty. BRIG UNIT STAFF SELECTION AND TRAINING Brigs, which are located throughout the United States   and   at   a   few   overseas   locations,   provide exceptional opportunities for personnel to enhance their leadership qualities without regard to their military specialty. Members  who  are  eligible  for  shore  duty  may request  assignment  to  a  brig  staff  provided  they  meet required high standards of personal conduct and military bearing. Personnel selected for assignment to a brig staff are ordered via Corrections Specialist Training at the Naval Institute of Correctional Administration and earn  NEC  9575  upon  successful  completion  of  the training. COMMAND CAREER COUNSELOR PROGRAM The  Command  Career  Counselor  Program  provides for  the  assignment  of  personnel  in  ratings  other  than Navy   Counselors   to   full-time   command   career counselor  billets.  Personel  so  assigned  assist  COs/unit commanders  in  maintaining  an  effective  career counseling program as outlined in the  Retention Team Manual,  NAVPERS  15878,  and  the  Career  Information Program  Management,  NAVEDTRA   10238-A. U.S. NAVY CEREMONIAL GUARD The U.S. Navy Ceremonial Guard is the official ceremonial  unit  of  the  Navy  and,  as  such,  is  a Presidential  support  activity.  The  Ceremonial  Guard  is a   component   of   the   Naval   District   Washington. Nonpetty officers are assigned directly from recruit training  centers  (RICs).  Those  recruits  who  volunteer and are accepted for the Ceremonial Guard must execute a page 13 entry waiving whatever guarantee program they enlisted for. This does not prevent a member of the Ceremonial Guard from subsequently requesting class “A” school or a transfer to sea duty. Requests of this nature   can   be   expected   to   receive   favorable consideration if the individual is otherwise eligible and a  requirement  exists.  Petty  officers  are  selected  from those  eligible  for  shore  duty. NAVAL AIRCREW PROGRAM The   Naval   Aircrew   Program   is   comprised   of personnel of various ratings assigned by BUPERS or the Naval Reserve Personnel Center (NAVRESPERSCEN), in the case of enlisted Training and  Administration  of  Reserve  (TM)  personnel,  under a  distribution  NEC  code  of  78XX  or  82XX.  Naval Aircremen perform duties in fixed and rotary wing aircraft based ashore and afloat in those crew member positions determined by the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO). Personnel  assigned  to  this  program  are  under permanent  flight  orders  that  are  governed  by  the Administration   of   Enlisted   Flight   Orders, BUPERSINST  1326.4. YEOMAN/PERSONNELMAN   INCENTIVES FOR WASHINGTON, DC More YN and PN shore billets are located in the Washington,  DC,  complex  than  in  any  other  location. This  creates  a  continuing  requirement  for  top performing personnel whose talents can be used in direct  support  of  Navy  headquarters  activities  in  the Washington,  DC,  complex. The incentive options available to YNs and PNs are possible 1-year shore tour extensions and intra-area completion   of   tour   (COMPTOUR).   To   enhance professional growth and permit maximum exposure to the  many  high-level  military  and  civilian  offices,  YNs and PNs serving the normal minimum shore tour for their   rating   may   request   a   no-cost   transfer   for COMPTOUR within the Washington, DC, area. These incentives are implemented to encourage more of the best clerical personnel to volunteer for Washington,  DC,  duty. If  you  desire  additional information  concerning  Washington,  DC,  assignment, contact  the  Washington  area  and  staff  assignment detailer at BUPERS (PERS 4010D). 9-16

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