Quantcast Broadened Opportunity for Officer Selection and Training (Boost) Program

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Page Title: Broadened Opportunity for Officer Selection and Training (Boost) Program
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Figure 10-2.-Midshipmen marching at the Naval Academy
Personnelman 3 & 2 - Military manual for government personnel administration
Medical Service Corps in-Service Procurement Program
.  The  President  may  appoint  100  midshipmen each   year.   For   specific   information   on   eligible individuals  who  may  be  appointed  to  the  Naval Academy  by  the  President,  refer  to  Article  1020220  of the  MILPERSMAN. .  The  Secretary  of  the  Navy  may  appoint  85 enlisted members of the Regular Navy and Marine Corps to the Naval Academy each year. The applicants must have enlisted in the Navy or Marine Corps on or before 1 July of the year preceding the desired year of entrance to the Naval Academy. .  The  Secretary  of  the  Navy  may  appoint  85 enlisted members of the Naval Reserve and Marine Corps Reserve each year. These men and women must be qualified as to age, and they must have served in the Reserve for at least 1 year by 1 July of the year of entrance to the Naval Academy. They must be on active duty  or  must  be  members  of  a  drilling  unit  of  the Reserve,   be   recommended   by   their   commanding officers,   and   have   maintained   efficiency   in   drill attendance with their Reserve units. Midshipmen USNR of the Regular NROTC Program are not eligible for  appointment  under  this  quota. For   additional   information   and   application procedures,  refer  service  members  to  Article  1020220 of the MILPERSMAN, and the Secretary of the Navy Nomination for the Naval Academy/Naval Preparatory  School,  OPNAVINST  1531.4. BROADENED  OPPORTUNITY FOR  OFFICER  SELECTION AND  TRAINING  (BOOST) PROGRAM Academy The   BOOST   Program   supports   the   Navy’s Affirmative  Action  Plan  by  offering  enlisted  men  and women   a   comprehensive   program   of   academic preparation for successful pursuit of a Navy or Marine Corps commission through the NROTC Program or the USNA. The BOOST Program prepares selected applicants for  entry  into  the  NROTC  Scholarship  Program, NROTC  Scholarship  Program  Nurse  Corps  Option,  or USNA. Each BOOST graduate is offered an NROTC scholarship  or  an  appointment  to  the  USNA,  depending on individual qualifications. The BOOST Program provides an upward mobility opportunity to persons who have demonstrated qualities necessary for careers as unrestricted line naval officers, but whose past academic performance does not qualify them  for  immediate  selection  into  an  officer  accession program. As the BOOST Program is a significant part of   the   Navy   Affirmative   Action   Plan,   interested minority personnel are strongly encouraged to apply. The  BOOST  Program  is  located  at  the  Naval Education and Training Center, Newport, Rhode Island. This  program  consists  of  a  rigorous  12-month  college preparatory  curriculum  that  consists  of  mathematics, English, science, computer science, campus skills, and military  training. Upon  graduation  from  BOOST, individuals and/or the Navy have several options: .  If  the  graduate  accepts  an  NROTC  scholarship, he/she  is  released  from  active  duty  into  the  Naval Reserve and assigned to an NROTC unit. For NROTC scholarship recipients, university assignments are not determined until the last quarter of BOOST school. The individual  may  be  assigned  to  a  school  other  than his/her first choice if considered in the best interest of the selectee or the Navy. l  Nurse  Corps  option  selectees  must  attend  a university  that  offers  an  accredited  nursing  program. . If accepted by the USNA, the graduate reports to the academy for plebe summer indoctrination. For   additional   information   and   application procedures,   refer   to   Article   1020360   of   the MILPERSMAN. NURSE  CORPS  BACCALAUREATE DEGREE COMPLETION PROGRAM (NCBDCP) The  NCBDCP  gives  qualified  individuals  the opportunity   to   complete   the   requirements   for   a baccalaureate degree in nursing and earn a commission as a Nurse Corps officer. The NCBDCP candidate will be in an active status as an Officer Candidate Seaman (OCSN) (E-3), U.S. Naval Reserve, and receive full pay and  allowances  (except  clothing)  while  attending college as a full-time student. Tuition, fees, books, and other expenses must be paid by the NCBDCP candidate. To  be  eligible  for  the  NCBDCP,  the  applicant  must meet the following criteria: . Be a civilian or an enlisted member of a Reserve component of one of the Armed Forces branches not on active duty . Be 18 years of age and not be more than 34 years of age on the date of commission 10-4

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