Quantcast Medical Service Corps in-Service Procurement Program

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Page Title: Medical Service Corps in-Service Procurement Program
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Broadened Opportunity for Officer Selection and Training (Boost) Program
Personnelman 3 & 2 - Military manual for government personnel administration
Enlisted Commissioning Program (ECP) - 14214_260
.  Be  enrolled  in  or  accepted  for  transfer  to  a National  League  for  Nursing  accredited  program  that confers a baccalaureate degree in nursing The NCBDCP must be completed within 24 months of  enlistment  as  an  OCSN.  Interested  individuals should contact a medical programs recruiter at the closest  Navy  recruiting  district  (NAVCRUITDIST)  for complete  details. Selectees for the NCBDCP must sign the NCBDCP agreement  before  enlistment  and  acceptance  of  orders as a NCBDCP candidate. The  Commander,  Navy Recruiting  Command,  maintains  administrative responsibility for the NCBDCP and the candidates. Two  meritorious  promotions  are  possible  while  a participant is in the NCBDCP: 1. For those candidates who make the Dean’s List during  two  consecutive  semesters  or  three quarters, and 2. For those candidates who refer a lead that results in  an  accession  into  the  NCBDCP  or  Navy Nurse  Corps. Upon conferral of the baccalaureate degree, the NCBDCP candidate is appointed as an Ensign, Nurse Corps, United States Naval Reserve on the active duty list  and  concurrently  discharged  from  enlisted  status. This   individual   incurs   an   active   duty   obligation (beginning  with  conferral  of  the  baccalaureate  degree and appointment as a Nurse Corps officer) for 4 years, and  the  total  commissioned  obligation  is  8  years.  There should not be a break in active service. Appointees are retained  under  the  administrative  control  of  their NAVCRUITDIST  pending  assignment  to  the  next available  officer  indoctrination  school  class. Nurse  Corps  officers  must  obtain  and  maintain  a license to practice as a registered professional nurse from a state, territory, or the District of Columbia. This license  is  based  on  a  licensing  examination  provided  by the  National  Council  of  State  Boards  of  Nursing,  which is administered by one of its member boards of nursing. Obtaining and maintaining a license to practice nursing is  the  responsibility  of  the  officer.  Officers  who  fail  to become licensed may be— 1. 2. Reappointed  in  a  different  competitive  category to  complete  any  incurred  active  duty  obligation, or Separated under the guidance of  Appointment  of Regular and Reserve officer in the Nurse Corps of  the  Navy,  SECNAVINST   1120.6,   and Administrative   Separations   of   Officers, SECNAVINST  1920.6. The NCBDCP and the subsequent appointment of a  candidate  as  a  Nurse  Corps  officer  are  governed  by SECNAVINST  1120.6. MEDICAL SERVICE CORPS IN-SERVICE   PROCUREMENT PROGRAM The   Medical   Service   Corps   In-Service Procurement Program is a continuing program. It is specifically    intended  to  provide  a  path  of  advancement to  commissioned  officer  status  for  outstanding, career-motivated  Navy  Hospital  Corpsman  (HM)  and Dental Technician (DT) personnel. Applications are considered  for  the  Health  Care  Administration  or  the Physician  Assistant  section  of  the  Medical  Service Corps.  Candidates  submit  formal  applications  via  their COs in time to reach the Chief of Naval Personnel (CHNAVPERS) (PERS251) by 15 December. Eligibility  requirements  and  application  procedures are contained in the  In-Service  Procurement  Program (IPP)  for  Appointment  in  the  Active  Duty  Medical Service  Corps  and  the  Inactive  Duty  Physician Assistant  Chief  Warrant  0fficer  to  Medical  Service Corps  Conversion  Program,  BUPERSINST  1131.2. ACTIVE DUTY LIMITED DUTY (LDO) AND  CHIEF  WARRANT  OFFICER (CWO)  PROGRAMS The LDO and CWO Programs are the principal enlisted-to-officer programs sponsored by the Navy that don’t require a college degree. The Navy has a need for warrant officers, who serve and are developed as officer  technical  specialists,  and  for  LDOs,  who  serve and are developed as officer technical managers. Competition in both of these programs has been and will  continue  to  be  particularly  fierce.  Interested persons should begin preparation early in their career. Increased  knowledge  gained  through  occupational experience  and  specialized  training  through  school  and correspondence   courses   should   be   sought   by   all Potential  candidates. This  will  help  them  prepare  for officer  status. The LDO and CWO Programs are applicable to the following   individuals: l  Enlisted  personnel  of  the  Regular  Navy  and Naval  Reserve  on  active  duty  (including  the  Training 10-5

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