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Page Title: Diary Message Reporting System
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Figure 7-13.—Sample Officer Distribution Control Report (ODCR)
Personnelman 3 & 2 - Military manual for government personnel administration
Figure  7-14.—Sample  message  diary
EPMAC, Code 31, by message, stating all particulars. Make sure the message includes the UIC in the text. If your  activity  fails  to  receive  an  ODCR  after  verifying its  current  address  with  EPMAC,  it  should  notify  the Officer  Data  Research  Section  (PERS  1024D)  by message stating all particulars. Make sure the message includes  your  command’s  UIC,  Personnel  and  Pay Services   Unit   Identification   Code   (PPSUIC),   if appropriate, and the name and SSN of at least one officer attached  to  your  command. DIARY  MESSAGE  REPORTING SYSTEM In this section, you will get an overview of the DMRS.   You   will   also   learn   about   some   general instructions and criteria for using this system. PURPOSE OF THE DMRS The purpose of the DMRS is to provide authorized activities  a  way  to  submit  officer  and  enlisted transactions  in  coded  format  on  naval  messages.  The DMRS reduces preparation time and eliminates mailing delays so that we can have more accurate personnel management  and  manpower  information. SECURITY OF DMRS DATA The data generated and processed by the DMRS relates  to  information  regarding  individual  service members.   Use   of   the   DMRS   creates   sensitive, unclassified  Privacy  Act  data  that  must  be  protected. Thus, the safeguards listed in the Privacy Act of 1974 must  be  observed.  EPMAC  acknowledges  that  the DMRS operates at an acceptable level of risk but it also certifies that it has adequately protected this system. DIARY MESSAGE REPORTING SYSTEM USERS’  MANUAL All  activities  must  use  the  DMRS  transaction formats in the Diary  Message  Reporting  System  Users’ Manual  (DMRSMAN),   EPMAC,   Document   No. 1080#1  UM-01A,  to  prepare  and  submit  messages.  This manual provides official guidance on submitting officer and enlisted transactions in coded format. It also allows transactions for multiple UICs to be reported in a single message. The DMRSMAN must be used in conjunction with the other publications listed in section 1 of the DMRSMAN. SUBMISSION OF DMRS MESSAGES DMRS   messages   are   designed   for   machine processing. ADMRS message should be transmitted no later  than  the  next  normal  workday  following  the occurrence  of  the  event  being  reported.  Events occurring  on  weekends  or  holiday  periods  must  be submitted the next working day immediately following that weekend or holiday period. All DMRS messages are unclassified and must be transmitted to EPMAC DIARY  NEW  ORLEANS  LA//31//.  Your  command should not send DMRS messages to BUPERS unless it is specifically directed by BUPERS to do so. PERSONAL COMPUTER DIARY MESSAGE REPORTING  SYSTEM The  Personal  Computer  Diary  Message  Reporting System  (PCDMRS)  was  developed  by  the  Information Center  Division  Information  Systems  Department, EPMAC. It is a personal computer (PC) based program designed to reduce preparation time and format errors in  transactions  prepared  for  submission  under  the DMRS.  The  PCDMRS  is  available  to  all  PPSUIC activities that have PC capability, a message generating system,  and  an  output  media  acceptable  to  their  local communications   facility   for   transmitting   naval messages. Any activity designated as a PPSUIC activity may  request  authority  from  EPMAC,  Code  31,  to  use the  PCDMRS. TRANSACTION  CODES The TACs are alphabetical and/or numerical ways of   identifying   and   controlling   transactions.   The DMRSMAN  provides  the  information  your  command will need to convert events into a coded format and report them via DMRS. For example, TAC 200 is a numerical code that says  Received For and is easily processed  by  a  computer.  Including  the  ACC  with  the 200  identifies  the  reason  for  receipt.  For  example,  ACC 100 is For Duty. SUBMISSION VIA THE DMRS DURING LOSS OF SDS EVENT REPORTING CAPABILITY In the event of the loss of SDS event reporting capability,  your  command  should  transmit  personnel transactions via the DMRS as follows: .  When  the  loss  of  SDS  or  SDS  increment  3 reporting capability is expected to be 14 days or less, 7-19

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